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All Hail These “Glam-Mas” with Their Irresistible, Infectious Attitude

A group of Chinese "Glam-Mas" make videos that show off their exquisite style and get millions of views, making them Internet sensations.

“Fashion has nothing to do with age.” That is the tagline for a group on TikTok known as “Glam-Mas,” who have posted a video has taken social media by storm, reportedly viewed 50 million times in one day. (Is that even possible?)

The video shows a group of impeccably coiffed Chinese women wearing the traditional quipo dresses strutting through a Beijing street in slo-mo, like a group of superheroes who’ve just saved the world from another disaster. Long sleek legs flash through the slits in their gorgeous silk dresses. They all wear matching sunglasses and too-cool-for-school looks on their faces. It’s stirring and sensational.

As great as they look, their attitude about about aging is even better. “Your life is grey if you are always afraid of aging and death,” Lin Wei, a 64-year-old member of the Glam-Mas told Reuters. “You are old, you have wrinkles, you don’t have too much energy or your figure becomes baggy. But this is something you can’t go against, so you need to face it with positivity.” Tell it sister!!

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Who are the Glam-Mas?

The Glam-Mas in traditional dress.

This group of 60-plus women are all retired models, who met years ago in model training classes. Together they post videos under the TikTok handle Fashion Grannies showing off their stylish clothes and love of beauty and style.

The women have more than a million followers on Douyin, a Chinese video-sharing platform, and 472,000 followers on TikTok. They have clearly mastered the art of TikTok, using it to its full advantage to make it appear as if they’ve changed clothes at a snap of a finger or are being showered by dots of shimmering light.

Sometimes the clothes in the videos are very modern, even edgy (lots of black, triangle sunglasses). Other times they’re in traditional Chinese outfits, looking like they belong in the new Mulan movie. In several videos, handsome older men join them, in period dress or contemporary.

We love the captions the Glam-Mas add to some of their videos. “Don’t mess with us,” reads one. “We will define who we are,” states another.

Anyway you look at them, they are refreshing and inspiring icons for what it means to Age Boldly.

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A more edgy Glam-Ma.


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