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Traveler Community Guidelines

We’re not hung up on making up a bunch of rules for grown women, but since we’re expanding and adding more new travelers and tour leaders to the mix (Jeannie Ralston can no longer lead every trip…when would she sleep?) we thought it would be helpful to align our expectations of each other.

We subscribe to the HEART theory of travel. That’s why we’ve joined all allies of the Transformational Travel Council. As travelers, we are Humble, Engaged, Awake, Resilient, and Thankful. Number one, we want to have fun with you, and we also want to offer lasting value to every place we visit and to every person who travels with us.

So here we’re sharing some guidelines and expectations to make sure all involved have extraordinary experiences.

Bring Your Spirit of Adventure

Be open to new things, whether it’s trying local delicacies or learning a few words in a different language. This is about living fully and fearlessly! The more you put yourself out there, the more awesome memories you’ll make.

Make New Friends

One of the best parts of group travel is connecting with women from different backgrounds. Ask questions, share stories and a few laughs. We have so many common experiences at this age, it’s not hard to find something to talk about.

Respect Your Fellow Travelers

Be on time for activities and be aware of others’ space and needs. Trust us, patience and grace go a long way! And we all look out for each other.

Respect Your Guide

Your guide has responsibility for your whole group. We certainly want her to make room for individual needs and desires. But if she makes a decision you don’t agree with, please understand that she is looking out for the safety and enjoyment of all involved.

The Baggage Principle

Pack and dress for comfort in your own style, keeping  in mind local sensitivities. Don’t bring anything you can’t roll or carry yourself. Watch our packing tips video to see how Jeannie packs so she never has to check a bag, even if she’s going away for a month to multiple places. You can do it! Or at least do with less.

Respect Local People and Cultures

Be respectful of local customs and traditions. Dress code, drinking customs, and noise levels, etc. are all important. Also, be respectful of local religious beliefs and practices, and social norms at the destination, and with your fellow travelers.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself on this trip! Say yes to that activity that seems a little scary or intimidating. You never know what you’re capable of until you try.

Be Flexible

Travel comes with unexpected surprises–delayed flights, change of plans, language barriers. We encourage you to embrace the unexpected and focus on the magic of new experiences.

Be Mobile

All of our trips include a fair amount of walking, sometimes on cobblestones, sometimes on a beach. If the group is walking somewhere and you don’t think you can walk that far, let your tour leader know (we’re cool with that). You’ll be responsible for getting yourself there, but we can help you make arrangements.

No Whining

If there’s ever an issue, don’t whine to your fellow travelers and ruin their good time. Talk to the tour leader in private. 

No Politics

We’re not going to police conversations between grown women, but we strongly encourage you to enjoy the freedom of being in a politics-free bubble with us while we’re on a trip. Trip leaders are encouraged to steer group conversations towards any topic OTHER THAN POLITICS and this is for everyone’s benefit. There are plenty of other things to talk about as we get to know each other. We hope you’ll find this refreshing. 

Pay Your Fair Share

If your tour leader has done an exceptional job, the average tip is $10-$15 per day. Not all tour leaders will accept tips–for instance, please don’t tip Jeannie Ralston, she’ll have a heart attack–but the offer is always appreciated. 

Airport transfer drivers should also be tipped and we’ll give you guidance on that in the Zoom call before departure. 

ny group meal or activity not covered in the itinerary will be settled at the end of the trip or immediately upon your return home. Before you travel, please download the VENMO or Zelle app so you can make these payments instantly, or plan to pay in dollars or local currency. Thank goodness for calculators on smartphones!

Photos and Videos

We encourage you to take lots of photos and videos of your trip. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume you are OK with being in photos and videos–and having those photos published on NextTribe’s website or social media. We are, however, aware of others’ personal space and avoid taking photos or videos of anyone in an awkward or embarrassing situation. We ask that you do the same with your fellow travelers. Do not take photos or videos of locals without their permission. Be especially mindful of taking photos or videos of people who are engaged in religious or cultural activities. Tag any photos in your social media. Facebook: @NextTribe  Instagram: @Next_Tribe

Have Fun and Make Memories

Most importantly, this trip is about enjoying quality time with your fellow globe-trotting new (and old) girlfriends. Savor each moment, soak in the sights and sounds, and relish this time to reconnect with your adventurous spirit.

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Hear from our community

Colleen M., California

What I love about the NextTribe trips is that there is so much camaraderie of other women that are like you, and then the fabulous things that the organizers puts together to give you that viewpoint, it’s awesome.

Courtney M., Texas

What I love about NextTribe trips is that you get the experience from an insider’s perspective—someone that has ties to the community and focused on building relationships from the start. I’ve been on a trip with another women’s travel group that dropped a guide in, not personally knowing anything about the locale, traditions, or culture. She was there to make sure you showed up on time, got on the bus, etc. With NextTribe, you feel like you’re having a personalized experience with your best girlfriends.

Donna B., Washington

I didn't know anyone going on the trip but that didn't stop me from signing up. I have learned that some of my life's greatest adventures have come from taking a risk and jumping in feet first. So glad I did with NextTribe! I may not have known anybody at the start, but now I feel like I know everybody.

Vicki T., Texas

I so appreciate the opportunity to interact. travel, network, and just have fun with bright, funny, irreverent, and intelligent women of a certain age.

Bonnie B., Texas

I look forward to all my NextTribe newsletters which are full of interesting articles that speak to me, and answer questions or address topics no one else deals with. I love that it is a “safe space.” All the NextTribers feel like friends I haven’t met yet.

Catherine G., Wisconsin

I appreciate how positive NextTribers are and it keeps me that way too!

Katie R., New Mexico

I just renewed my membership to NextTribe because of the wonderful articles and stories I receive in the newsletters. Next Tribe is a positive resource for gently aging women and continues to make them feel empowered and relevant. Next Tribe is a leader in the area of encouraging women of all ages to follow their dreams and reach out to other women to help them realize their own dreams and goals. Next Tribe is a community of inspirational women and I am proud to be a member.

Susan L., New York

I've found my Tribe of stimulating, searching, fascinating and fun women.

Barbara L., New York

I love the NextTribe sisterhood.

Connie B., Pennsylvania

I love to meet and interact with strong, mature women from across the country as we learn together.

Shirley S., California

I absolutely love NextTribe and the devotion to empowering women with so much information about “aging boldly.” NextTribe gives me hope to look forward to the future and experience life to its fullest and not be afraid to make changes at any age. Thank you for creating this incredible organization. I am so grateful for people like you who make a difference in other people’s lives in a positive and fun way!

Jackie K., Texas

I’ve just started reading through the articles and have found them to be very timely, informative and – age appropriate, all in one place. I like that they are more about life than how to lose weight and/or look younger etc.

Leslie M., Georgia

I always come by myself on NextTribe trips because I like to meet super fun and interesting women. We're always doing fun and interesting things in great cities that you couldn't do on your own because you wouldn't know the people or places or the insiders.

Teresa S., Kentucky

NextTribe fills the need I have to travel with older interesting women who are curious about the world and want to share the journey.

Bridget M., Indiana

This is my sixth trip with NextTribe, and every one of them have been awesome. Everything they promise, they deliver, and then some.

Carol H., Wasshington

I can count on your timely and well written commentary on major events affecting us boldest women. Whether it’s the death of one of our icons or reactions to Barbie, I count on you for quotable quotes from name brand authors like Michele Willens and Leslie Bennetts.

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