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Linda Rodin: Our Favorite 60-Something “It” Girl

Linda Rodin: Our Favorite 60-Something "It" Girl | NextTribe

With almost 200,000 Instagram followers, Linda Rodin has become a style icon and blog obsession. She’s often snapped by photographer/author Ari Seth Cohen for Advanced Style, the blog “devoted to the sartorial savvy of the senior set.” She kicked off her career in front of the camera some 50 years ago in Italy, and since then, she’s become a cult celebrity by fronting ad campaigns for J. Crew and being snapped on the street in her cool-girl-style jeans, striped or checked tops and platform shoes.

But she’s more than a gorgeous face. Her popular RODIN olio lusso, roughly translated as “luxury oil” in Italian, is based on her original recipe, concocted in a coffee cup from 11 different oils, right in her bathroom a decade ago. As a stylist for 35 years, Linda started giving this unique blend to friends in the fashion industry; they adored it, and the rest became her-story. (Take note, Tribers!) Her skincare company was snapped up by Estee Lauder four years ago, allowing this stylish entrepreneur to expand.

She’s embraced glasses as an integral part of her wardrobe, in the same way you’d don mascara or chic shoes.

These days, she’s creating lipsticks, one of her key style elements. Another signature is her tinted Cutler and Gross frames—she says she needs them even to walk into the kitchen these days (we can relate). She’s embraced glasses as an integral part of her wardrobe, in the same way you’d don mascara or chic shoes. It’s an attitude we can all adopt as we solve our midlife style conundrums. Thanks for the inspo, Linda Rodin!

—Kimberly Cihlar

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