SOLD OUT: Explore Lisbon and Portugal Wine Country With Friends #2

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Lisbon, Portugal
Sep 22 - Sep 29, 2024
8 Nights
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About this trip

Our earlier trip to Portugal sold out so fast, we’ve decided to offer another opportunity, a couple of weeks later in Sept. 2024. We’ll take you into the heart of Portugal, where you’ll meet local women, enjoy art and food, stay at a 5-star vineyard hotel to join in the annual grape harvest.

Beyond the Expected

We’ve gone to the very top experts to find the perfect Portugal trip for women our age. We’ve consulted with Marta, Anna, Iliria, Maria, Isabel, and Lita–all women who live and play in Portugal. 

This trip will take you on a sunset sail in the river beside Lisbon, to a woman-owned ceramic gallery where you can make your own tiles, to a cooking class with one of the city’s top female chefs, to champagne in a secret art gallery.

NOTE: NextTribe members receive a $100 discount on price.  

We’ll move on to the coast–where we’ll meet some of NextTribe’s good friends–and then to the famous Douro Valley, wine making region, where we’ll take over the entire Quita Nova hotel, which is situated in the middle of a 200-year-old vineyard and run by the famed Relias et Chateaux hospitality group.

On our luxurious stretch at Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, we’ll help with wine harvest, travel by boat to charming towns and other vineyards. Plus, we’ll have plenty of time to relax by the pool, play in the river, and walk or bike around the vineyard grounds.

Quinta Nova in the Douro Valley

With a history spanning over 250 years, Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo occupies over 300 acres of land on the banks of the gorgeous Douro River that was once owned by the Portuguese Royal Family.

The quinta is comprised of a set of traditional white buildings surrounded by rows and rows of grapes. The original wine cellar that dates back to 1764 and the 19th century manor house with a chapel (1795) are harmoniously integrated into one of the estate’s hills.

The wines from Quinta Nova have an authentic and rare structure, fruity aromas and a high concentration of color. With unparalleled balance, they masterfully reflect the exclusivity of the estate’s Terroir.

We scheduled the trip so that guests can participate in the wine harvest at the vineyard.




SUNDAY, Sept. 22nd

Welcome to Lisbon: Sunset Sail

Arrive at the Carmo Hotel,, in the vibrant Chiado district, an elegant and bohemian neighborhood that is frequently compared to Paris’ Montmartre district.

At sunset, we'll take in Lisbon's wonderful cityscape from the deck of a traditional Portuguese sailing ship. As we make our way along the broad Tagus River, we'll sip Portuguese wine and toast to the beginning of a new adventure.

Dinner will be in the artsy LX Factory, a former textile factory that has been brought back to life as the home to galleries, studios, and restaurants.

MONDAY, Sept. 23rd

Flea Market, Alfama and Fado

Portugal is known for its remarkable azulejos (tiles) and the best place to see the most striking examples is the National Tile Museum, which is housed in a 16th Century convent.

Then we'll spend a chunk of the day in the Alfama District, Lisbon's oldest and most historic neighborhoods. It is known for its narrow, steep, and winding cobblestone streets. You'll find multiple scenic viewpoints that give you a bird's eye view of nearby cathedrals, classic red roofs, and the Tagus River.

In early evening, we'll head to a short Fado show. Fado is a type of Portuguese singing, traditionally associated with pubs and cafés, that is renowned for its expressive and melancholic character.

Then it's off to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

TUESDAY, Sept. 24th

Tiles, Cooking and Art

We'll start the day at the Feira da Ladra, considered one of the best street markets in Europe, sifting through the offerings looking for handmade crafts, vintage goods, eclectic paintings, and the iconic azulejos (Portuguese tiles).

We'll then head to the Lisbon Cooking Academy, where we'll learn the secrets of the Portuguese gastronomy while we cook our own 3 course dinner. Wine is available during the class and with lunch.

After lunch we'll head to the women-owned tile shop called Ceramica, where we'll meet one of the artist-owners and create our own tile.

The evening will start with drinks in an exclusive art loft that features 300 original Portuguese paintings and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries, including
Modern and Contemporary works.

Dinner will follow in the Chiado neighborhood.

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 25th

Up the Coast to Douro Valley

We'll leave Lisbon and drive north on the lovely coast road. We'll stop for lunch in the beach town of Costa Nova, famous for its "palheiros," striped-colored houses once used by fishermen to store their nets. Joining us for lunch at a classic Portuguese seafood restaurant will be some local women who have become friends to NextTribe.

After lunch we'll head to the Duoro Valley, a Unesco World Heritage site and the oldest demarcated wine region in the world. Grape harvest and wine production goes back 2,000 years.

We'll being our stay at the remarkable Quinta Nova hotel.

THURSDAY, Sept. 26th

The Art of Wine

Depending on the length of grape harvest season, we'll spend the day either helping with the harvest or in a wine-making experience where we have the chance to blend our own wine.

Wine Harvest: In Quinta Nova's vineyard, which slopes dramatically to the Douro River, with a bucket and scissors helping with the grape harvest.
For our work, we'll be treated to harvest lunch and a wine tasting afterward, an experience that will be enhanced by the beautiful aromas of freshly squeezed fruit.

Wine-Making: We'll enter the world of wine and experience being a winemaker for a day in an activity that seeks to highlight one of the main success factors of Portuguese wines, the art of blending. In this totally private and exclusive experience, we will enjoy a visit with a wine educator who will help you discover the Douro’s delicious nectars. All this in an idyllic setting.

FRIDAY, Sept. 27th


After breakfast, we'll be picked up on the pier below the hotel for a boat ride to the Douro Valley's most beautiful town--Pinhao. On the way, we'll glide along the clear water of the Douro River, past towering hills lined with grape plants belonging to other quintas in the valley.

In Pinhao, which is situated at the confluence of the Douro and Pinhão rivers, we'll have time to explore the small village, before heading to a vineyard in town for lunch.

On the return via boat, we'll have the chance to stop for a swim in the river.

SATURDAY, Sept. 28th

Exploring Porto

After catching an early train to Porto, we'll check into the NH Hotel and grab lunch on our own.

In the afternoon, we'll get a walking tour of Porto from one of our friends Iliria.

We'll have our farewell dinner at one of the city's sumptuous restaurants.

SUNDAY, Sept. 29th

Farewell to our Friends in Portugal

Everyone on their own to catch flights out of Porto to the U.S. or other destinations.

Another possibility: the Camino de Santiago, which begins in Porto.


What's Included

  • 8 nights Accommodations

3 in Lisbon, 4 at Quinta Nova in the Douro Valley and 1 in Porto.

  • 8 Dinners

  • 5 Lunches

  • All breakfasts

  • Lisbon cooking class

  • Sunset sail in Lisbon

  • Fado show

  • Drinks at art gallery

Gallery is not open to the public, but filled with an abundance of works

  • Tile Musuem

  • Tile making opportunity

At a woman owned ceramics studio

  • Mini-bus to Douro Valley

Via the coast road, where we will stop for lunch with NextTribe friends at a classic seafood restaurant in Costa Nova

  • Wine harvest experience

Or wine-making experience, depending on length of harvest season.

  • Boat tour of Douro River

  • Walking tour of Porto

With a local guide

  • Wine at dinner

What's Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Airport transfers
  • Alcohol (unless specifically mentioned in an itinerary activity or purchased as an add-on)
  • Tips

Gratuities to local guides, drivers, maids and hotel staff, travel insurance, round trip airfare, passport and visa fees, personal items such as phone calls, laundry, baggage fees and items not expressly listed as included.

Additional Add-Ons


Lisboa Carmo Hotel


Quinta Nova

Gouvães do Douro

Porto Royal Bridges


Our travelers love us (yay!)

Colleen M., California

What I love about the NextTribe trips is that there is so much camaraderie of other women that are like you, and then the fabulous things that the organizers puts together to give you that viewpoint, it’s awesome.

Courtney M., Texas

What I love about NextTribe trips is that you get the experience from an insider’s perspective—someone that has ties to the community and focused on building relationships from the start. I’ve been on a trip with another women’s travel group that dropped a guide in, not personally knowing anything about the locale, traditions, or culture. She was there to make sure you showed up on time, got on the bus, etc. With NextTribe, you feel like you’re having a personalized experience with your best girlfriends.

Donna B., Washington

I didn't know anyone going on the trip but that didn't stop me from signing up. I have learned that some of my life's greatest adventures have come from taking a risk and jumping in feet first. So glad I did with NextTribe! I may not have known anybody at the start, but now I feel like I know everybody.

Connie B., Pennsylvania

I love to meet and interact with strong, mature women from across the country as we learn together.

Leslie M., Georgia

I always come by myself on NextTribe trips because I like to meet super fun and interesting women. We're always doing fun and interesting things in great cities that you couldn't do on your own because you wouldn't know the people or places or the insiders.

Teresa S., Kentucky

NextTribe fills the need I have to travel with older interesting women who are curious about the world and want to share the journey.

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What’s different about your trips?

We curate trips specifically for curious, engaged women over 45. You’re pretty well assured that your fellow travelers will be a lot like you–since you’ve all responded to the idea of “aging boldly.”. That means built-in compatibility in your small group, including the woman who is leading the adventure.. In addition to specializing in group travel for people who don’t normally like group travel, we also pride ourselves on creating experiences that allow you to interact with local women or get deeper into the culture than you would if you planned the trip yourself.

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We don’t either! Not the way most groups do it. If you feel like doing what the group is doing, great! Join us for dinner or just some of the activities. All the benefits of solo travel and the comfort of being with a group. Our groups are small (normally around 12 to 14 women) and in most situations, you are free to opt out of an activity. We figure you’re grown-ass women who know what’s best for you.

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What’s included in the price?

Our trips cover most everything you’ll need to dive into a destination. Hotels and most meals, plus special experiences such as hands-on classes and sessions with local artists, writers or entrepreneurs are almost always included, but each trip is different so please be sure to read The Experience and the itinerary. We occasionally have an add-on for an extra price, but those are clearly designated. What’s not covered as a rule are airfare, alcohol and tips.

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