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Did the Woman Who Flipped Off Trump and His Motorcade Go Too Far?

Woman Who Flipped Off Trump: Did She Go Too Far? | NextTribe

Regardless of your political affiliation, these days it’s easy to feel angry and agitated. Which may explain why Juli Briskman, 50, is in the spotlight right now. A couple of weeks ago, she chased down the Presidential motorcade on her bicycle and flipped off the Commander in Chief after he played golf. Yes, she is the woman who flipped off Trump. Briskman says she was teed off over the state of the country and our President indulging in leisure time versus taking care of business.

A photo captured the moment and went viral. Although Juli couldn’t be identified in the shot, she fessed up at work, figuring the truth would come out sooner or later.

Woman Who Flipped Off Trump: Did She Go Too Far? | NextTribe

Juli Briskman, 50.

Her employer, Akima (which contracts with the government), canned her, saying she violated their code of conduct policy. People took to social media to criticize and even threaten her.

But in these polarizing times, guess what? She saw her Twitter followers swell from a few hundred before the one-finger salute to over 17,000 and counting. Someone started a “Thank you Juli Briskman” GoFundMe account for her that now has five-figures in it. And Briskman is sorting through a raft of job offers from people who were impressed by her tenacity and her message.

Do you think Briskman was wrong? Do you applaud her? Would you ever do something like that?

Janet Siroto

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I think she’s marvelous, and I would do it, given the chance.

Kate Lombardi

It’s called The First Amendment

She should not have been fired. Thats what 45 thinks about rhe middle class and poor people.

What is that shirt logo?

Silence makes it seem you are in agreement

That gesture says more about her than it does about the person being flipped off.

That’s so high school grow up

People keep bringing up “respect” – when respect is not earned or given – I see no reason to pretend I have respect. At 65, if I could have ridden my bike fast enough to keep up with Juli, I would have loved to have been with her

No class. Though, not remotely surprised.

Marvellous woman! However, she didn’t chase down the motorcade, it was just passing by. I wouldn’t be able to pass up the opportunity either.

Yes, I would totally do that!

Not respect for a man who boast about sexual assault:“grabs them by the pussy”. Trump’s cut from the same cloth as Alabama scum, Moore. Both Predator.
Given opportunity I’d certainly tell Trump, just like I’d tell Putin, LEAVE our White House.

As much as I hated Obama, no. Shows no class.


How much respect does this man have for us? None. We do not matter to him. Nobody matters to Trump. Fin.

Without a doubt!!

No! It’s called respect.

I believe I read she was fired.

ACLU picked up legal.
A bright future for this lady.


People are upset that her hands are larger than his…

This is America. She has as much of a right as those taking a knee. Leave her alone.

Yes!!!We flipped off the WH from the Mall during the Women’s March!!!

Yep! He flips us the bird every time he opens his mouth.

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!

I don’t know. I really dislike Trump and his swamp minions but had someone done this to Obama I would have been really angry. I know it’s difficult but I try to respect the office of the president and everything it stands for (or what it has stood for under other presidents) despite my intense feelings for this faux president. There are other ways to combat his lunacy and vulgarity. I’d rather not stoop so low as to give him the finger even though I can imagine her frustration in the moment.

Probably with both hands!!!

Yes, 200 times yes.

I’m jealous it’s not me

You go gurl!!

Heck yeah I would !!!!


I would do it, too.

Most definitely.

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