Our Summer Downtown NYC Insider Tour

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Downtown NYC, USA
Jun 7 - Jun 10, 2024
3 Nights
Level: 3
We rate all trips on a 1 to 5 scale. A designation of 1 would be trips with the least amount of activity, such as our beach trips, where it's up to you if you'd like to be active. Our adventure trips (such as the Inca trail hike) are a 5. Most of our trips are rated 3, for people who don't mind a fair bit of walking.
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Trip Description

About this trip

Spend a late spring weekend in New York City. Meet artists, writers, editors, and actors who live and work in the city. Visit the gorgeous apartments of other NextTribers. Experience the city like a local. Eat and drink in hidden gems.

Want to learn more? Join our Virtual Tour on Thursday, Feb. 15th at 6:30 ET. Meet our founder and guide, Jeannie Ralston, and learn more about what’s in store for the trip. RSVP Here.

Read the story “Crashing Parties and Becoming Insiders On Our NYC Tour,” about last year’s spectacular downtown tour.

Why Our NYC Trip is So Special

We want to show you a side of New York you’ll never see on any other trip to the city, one where you won’t be standing in line with hundreds of other tourists at the well-known landmarks. We’re staying downtown where the action and a whole other kind of fun is!

NOTE: NextTribe members receive a $100 discount on price. 

NextTribe co-founder Jeannie Ralston moved to New York’s East Village in April 2021, and ever since then she’s been thinking of the cool places and fascinating women in downtown and Brooklyn that she would like other NextTribers to know.

She’s put them all together for this special weekend, with the help of many friends who live downtown.

Starting with the cocktail party on Thursday night on Jeannie Ralston’s rooftop, you’ll be treated to private glimpses into NYC life that goes way beyond the beaten tourist path. We’ll be having small lunches with special guests. On the last trip, one of our lunches featured Sara Nelson, executive editor at book publisher Harper Collins, in the fabulous apartments of other NextTribe women.

We’ll go to exciting restaurants that you have to be in the know to even know they exist. (One is down an alley and to get to another you have to enter through a pawn shop!)

We’ll guide you to designer consignment stores, sample sales and high-end thrift stores so you can find stellar fashion at a fraction of the price.

We’ll get to see talented women our age on stage in our special performance we’re calling Aging Boldly in 5 Acts, which will be an evening of dinner, drinks, and age-appropriate entertainment.




Friday, June 7th

Check into Moxy Hotel Lower East Side.

4 pm: Meet at hotel for overview of weekend

4:30 pm: Intro to Lower East Side and East Village, plus shopping at the some of our favorite stores in the area.

6 pm: Cocktails—33 2nd Ave Rooftop or Jeannie Ralston’s Apartment, Barrelsmith Cocktails served. Meet New York women entrepreneurs, including Lila Frodesen of By Lila, Kim Cihlar of Collection 13 jewelry, Lynn Powers of Masami Hair Care, and PJ Cobb, a silk artist.

8 pm: Dinner at one of NYC's most acclaimed restaurants, tucked away in an alley, which means you won't find it unless you know it's there.

Late night option: Speakeasy on the Lower East Side

SATURDAY, June 8th

History, Art and the West Village

Morning: Tenement Museum

Catered lunch at Ellen Williams' majestic apartment on West 12th Street. Last year's special guests: Sara Nelson, Executive Editor, Harper Collins, and Kristen Van Ogtrop, former editor-in-chief of Real Simple, now a powerhouse agent at Inkwell Management. (This year's guests will be just as fascinating.)

Walk through the West Village with Ellen Williams, who was born and raised in Greenwich Village and will fill us in on legendary shops such as Bigelow’s Pharmacy and Myers of Keswick. Plus new retail stars like Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe store (right around the block from the Sex and the City apartment).

Option for shopping, a visit to the Whitney Museum OR a visit to the hysterical Sex Museum. Marie's Crisis Cafe, a piano bar where everyone is invited to sing along with show tunes. Have a favorite show tune? Offer the pianist a tip and we'll sing with you.

Dinner at Beauty & Essex, a spectacular restaurant on the Lower East Side that you enter through a very low-key pawn shop. Late night option: Drinks on a rooftop bar

SUNDAY June 9th

Brooklyn and Special Live Performance

Ferry to Brooklyn. Catered brunch in Brooklyn Heights at Elise Pettus’s spectacular brownstone. Last year's guest speaker was Maya Wiley, former MSNBC legal analyst and former NYC mayoral candidate.

3 pm: Explore Brooklyn or return to SoHo for shopping

6 pm Italian dinner

7-9 pm: Aging Boldly in 5 Acts Performance at 1st Ave and 4th Street theater space. Last year's uproarious performers included  Carole Montgomery, singer/comedian Cynthia Kaplan, and Heather Christie, storyteller. Wine tasting and desserts from
Veniero’s Pastry Cafe

Late night option: Music at the funky, magical Ear Inn

MONDAY June 10th

Writer's Lunch and Farewell

After a morning of exploring the Lower East Side, including the Essex Market, we'll meet at the famous Ukranian restaurant Veselka, for lunch with a number of our favorite NYC writers.

Either farewell or, if you choose our add on night, it's off to a day of relaxing and fun on Governor's Island--just across the harbor from Battery Park and Wall Street.


What's Included

  • 3 Nights Moxy Hotel

On the chic Lower East Side

  • 3 Dinners

At some of the city's best restaurants

  • 3 Lunches

2 at fabulous apartments owned by NextTribers; all with special featured guests or attendees.

  • 3 breakfasts

  • Welcome reception

On the rooftop of Jeannie Ralston's apartment

  • Private art tours

  • Aging Boldly in 5 Acts

An evening of drinks, and age-appropriate entertainment.

  • Drinks at a famous speakeasy

  • Intros to Cool Locals

Many of our meals and events will include special guests, women writers, entrepreneurs, artists, who can talk about life in the city.

  • Tenement Museum Entrance

  • Local Transport

Including Metrocard for public transport, ferry to Brooklyn, and cabs for late nights outside of walking distance in our hotel

  • Swag Bag

Full of products from women-owned clean beauty companies

  • Shopping Tour

Of some favorite sample sales and designer consignment shops.

Additional Add-Ons

Alcohol at dinners

To avoid having to keep track of your drinks and pay later, choose this option and you'll be covered for cocktails and wine at dinner.

One night on Governor's Island--Single

Monday, 6/10-Glamping (luxury tent, real bed) at the Collective Resort, in NY Harbor. Includes bike rental, dinner, breakfast, spa time.

One night on Governor's Island--Double

Monday, 6/10-Glamping (luxury tent, real bed) at the Collective Resort, in NY Harbor. Includes bike rental, dinner, breakfast, spa time.


Hotel Moxy Lower East Side

New York City

Our travelers love us (yay!)

Colleen M., California

What I love about the NextTribe trips is that there is so much camaraderie of other women that are like you, and then the fabulous things that the organizers puts together to give you that viewpoint, it’s awesome.

Courtney M., Texas

What I love about NextTribe trips is that you get the experience from an insider’s perspective—someone that has ties to the community and focused on building relationships from the start. I’ve been on a trip with another women’s travel group that dropped a guide in, not personally knowing anything about the locale, traditions, or culture. She was there to make sure you showed up on time, got on the bus, etc. With NextTribe, you feel like you’re having a personalized experience with your best girlfriends.

Donna B., Washington

I didn't know anyone going on the trip but that didn't stop me from signing up. I have learned that some of my life's greatest adventures have come from taking a risk and jumping in feet first. So glad I did with NextTribe! I may not have known anybody at the start, but now I feel like I know everybody.

Connie B., Pennsylvania

I love to meet and interact with strong, mature women from across the country as we learn together.

Leslie M., Georgia

I always come by myself on NextTribe trips because I like to meet super fun and interesting women. We're always doing fun and interesting things in great cities that you couldn't do on your own because you wouldn't know the people or places or the insiders.

Teresa S., Kentucky

NextTribe fills the need I have to travel with older interesting women who are curious about the world and want to share the journey.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s different about your trips?

We curate trips specifically for curious, engaged women over 45. You’re pretty well assured that your fellow travelers will be a lot like you–since you’ve all responded to the idea of “aging boldly.”. That means built-in compatibility in your small group, including the woman who is leading the adventure.. In addition to specializing in group travel for people who don’t normally like group travel, we also pride ourselves on creating experiences that allow you to interact with local women or get deeper into the culture than you would if you planned the trip yourself.

Where do you go?

We have a wide range of weekend jaunts here in the U.S. for those who want a quick getaway. We also love taking women to Mexico, where founder Jeannie Ralston used to live. We’re always talking about pushing boundaries, and we’re doing that in the geographic sense too. For those with more time, we offer trips all over Europe, to India, Vietnam, Peru (for a hike on the inca Trail to Machu Picchu). Soon, our travelers will be getting passport stamps in even more countries on six continents. Be saving those frequent flier miles!

What do you mean by transformational travel?

NextTribe is affiliated with the Transformational Travel Council, an international group of travel professionals dedicated to making the world a better place, one trip and one traveler at a time. We recognize that travelers, especially post-pandemic, are looking for more than just a date and a destination. They can shop for that anywhere online. Our community honors the intention behind a traveler’s investment in a trip. Our travelers want to have fun (we do too!) and to travel with a sense of purpose and belonging. That’s why we go to great lengths to provide ways for women to self-select by reading the articles in our magazine and the content of our website. If you like what you see, you’re likely to be a NextTribe traveler, and we look forward to seeing you on a trip soon!

What if I travel solo?

If you really prefer to book your travel yourself and go it alone, we applaud you. That’s brave and bold and we would never try to talk you out of it. But our trips are designed so that even a woman who’s used to traveling alone, or someone shy about meeting new people, will feel comfortable in our group. Our trip leaders are there to “read the room” and make sure everyone feels included and respected.

What if I don’t like group travel?

We don’t either! Not the way most groups do it. If you feel like doing what the group is doing, great! Join us for dinner or just some of the activities. All the benefits of solo travel and the comfort of being with a group. Our groups are small (normally around 12 to 14 women) and in most situations, you are free to opt out of an activity. We figure you’re grown-ass women who know what’s best for you.

What’s the price range of your trips?

We are committed to providing what we call “affordable-luxury” travel. Don’t expect
the Four Seasons, but who wants to stay in a gilded bubble anyhow? We always look for good value and offer wonderful hotels and memorable experiences that won’t break the bank and will get you closer to how locals live. Our prices depend on the length of the
trip and the destination. We offer domestic trips for under $2,000 for a shared room, which we encourage. If you don’t have a roommate we will match you with someone. Sometimes this has resulted in lasting friendships with new travel buddies., Some of
our longer trips–two weeks in India or Vietnam, for example–will cost between
$4,800 and $6,000.

What’s included in the price?

Our trips cover most everything you’ll need to dive into a destination. Hotels and most meals, plus special experiences such as hands-on classes and sessions with local artists, writers or entrepreneurs are almost always included, but each trip is different so please be sure to read The Experience and the itinerary. We occasionally have an add-on for an extra price, but those are clearly designated. What’s not covered as a rule are airfare, alcohol and tips.

Do you have payment plans?

We sure do. It’s easy to pay for our trips by setting up automatic credit card charges at regular intervals, interest free. Think of it as the layaway plan to feed your soul.

How do I get trip discounts?

Our NextTribe members get a discount on every trip. Plus, members are the first to hear about new trips and receive upgrades on rooms if they’re available. Check out our three different membership levels here.

What’s the average age of women on the trips?

We welcome all women over 45, but most of our travelers are in the 50 to 65 age range. More important than age is the spirit of the traveler–her curiosity about the world, and her eagerness to embrace new opportunities. We’ve found women of any age with those qualities fit in well with our groups.

What’s the activity level of the trips?

Most of our trips are geared for active travelers who like to walk–a rating of 3 on our 1-5 rating scale. Here are some examples of how we rate. A designation of 1 would be our beach trips, where it’s up to you if you’d like to stroll down the beach, or play in the waves or walk around the small town. Trips where we have dedicated transportation for much of the time (such as India) are a 2; Paris is a 3 because we believe the best way to appreciate a city is to view it on foot. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, is a 4, because you’ll be walking up some hills (at 6,000 feet altitude) and occasionally on cobblestone sidewalks. Our Inca trail trip is a 5, as are our more adventurous outdoor trips.

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