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Was Queen Elizabeth Making a Fashion Statement Just for Trump?

Was Queen Elizabeth Making a Fashion Statement Just for Trump? | NextTribe

As fashion statements go, it was subtle. But Queen Elizabeth has to be subtle–more subtle than this certainly. Lots of observers are reading a message in her choice of brooches for her meeting with President Donald Trump.

On the day he arrived, she wore a brooch in public that was given to her by the Obamas. On the day she met with Trump, she wore a diamond brooch that her mother had worn to the state funeral of King George VI in 1952. For the last day of his visit, she appeared wearing a special brooch that was a gift from Canada to mark her 65 years as queen.

As we know, Trump had no love for the Obamas and he’s currently angry with Canada (and vice versa, we might add). And as for the brooch from the state funeral—is this wishful thinking for someone to be buried politically?

Of course the palace is denying any political statements. But any of us who have watched The Crown know Queen Elizabeth isn’t a pushover and is always aware of the larger impact of even personal decisions.

What do you think? Is all of this a fuss about nothing? What are some of the best political fashion statements you’ve seen?

–Jeannie Ralston

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Mary Powers

That’s known as Royal shade!

Mary Powers

Royal shade for sure. Also he made her wait 12 minutes then stepped in front of her while viewing the troops. I read she cut their tea time by…12 Minutes! Rock on Elizabeth!

Bravo, Your Highness, Bravo.

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