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Jen7: Sophisticated Denim Designed for Women Like Us

The makers of 7 for All Mankind jeans introduce a line, Jen7, that fits those of us who have maybe shifted in both body shape and style needs. 

This article is sponsored by Jen7 Jeans.

Distressed by the ripped, often raunchy-looking jeans that pass for trendy these days, many women our age are demanding denim with decorum. Jen7 is listening, remaking and revamping stylish jeans for grown up women like us since 2014. Here’s what’s new now.

I’d venture that almost every woman who wears jeans has heard of 7 for All Mankind, the upscale denim company that basically originated American premium denim nearly 20 years ago. The jeans giant took the denim world by storm, filling a void for contemporary jeans that focused on female customers with the fit, fabrics, cool washes, and attention to detail that they were craving. The silhouette was mostly low rise and form fitting, a “new denim” for that generation’s needs in the early aughts. They were the cool “It Jeans,” and finding a pair at consignment or an accessibly priced thrift shop was like finding real gold.

Fast forward to today, when those customers have grown up and shifted in both body shape and style needs. Many—tired of denim that is pre-destroyed and so deconstructed one wonders are they actually jeans—have been searching for a new “new denim” jeans more aligned with their aging boldly demographic and body type. Enter Jen7, a sophisticated collection of denim made by 7FAM and designed just for us, women 45 and older. 

Using expertise gained from 7 for All Mankind’s years in the business, Jen7 aims for a consistent fit, uncompromising comfort, a luxurious fabric, and high quality. Designed by women for women, Jen7 jeans are sophisticated and flattering, feminine and timeless, always in style. Today, the company prides itself on a better price tag for its premium denim, and over the past year or so, it has lowered prices to a more attainable $100 or so. Focused on getting the word out to its customers, Jen7 is rebuilding the company’s brand image and refocusing on new offerings. 

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Fit is crucial to this company’s customer and is the most important design element of the jeans. How does Jen7 keep that fit consistent? The “top block,” which is the section from the top of the thigh to the top of the waistband, remains standard throughout each style, with a higher rise that doesn’t gap at the waistband and includes a bit more room in the hips. Meaning, each pair of jeans is comfortable and forgiving in its fit. 

Jen7 jeans are crafted with a contoured, figure-flattering waistband and run from sizes 0 to 18, with coverage consistent for multiple body shapes and sizes, complete with a fit guide on the Jen7 website that promises to destroy any dressing room drama or sizing mysteries. Once you know your Jen7 size, you always know your Jen7 size. No more guessing or trying on multiple styles ‘til you’re blue in the face.


Once you settle on your size, there are so many style choices: Skinny, ankle skinny, comfort skinny, cropped skinny, slim straight, slim boot cut, straight crop+roll. Then there are the fabric options: coated, sateen, printed. Plus you can count on playful design details that add fashion excitement. Of course, the leopard jeans, in a soft fabric that boasts high-powered stretch and recovery, are my fave fashion choice (NextTribe loves its spots!).


For next spring, the company is launching a new design detail, one they are counting on to create added value at no extra cost for the Jen7 wearer. The “enhanceME” jean is a sculpting style made with flexible shaping panels built right into the pockets that will hold tummies in (who wouldn’t love a little tummy tucking, courtesy of our jeans?!) and smooth out shapes. 


Why Jen7? Urban legend has it that “Jen” pays homage to Jennifer, the most popular name of that generation of women back in the day. Also, Jen was the name of the company’s designer then, along with what seemed to be half the women involved in creating the line. The 7, of course, is a nod to 7 For All Mankind, underscoring that the Jen7 designs are from a group that truly understands both women and denim.


Look for the latest Jen7 fit and function style makers at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, Macys, and Stitch Fix. Then check out with luxurious, understated jeans you know will fit your body, style, and budget.

This article is sponsored by Jen7 Jeans. 

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By Kimberly Cihlar


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