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The Waist Rises Again: The Return of Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans Return: The Waist Rises Again | NextTribe

Sometime around the year 2000, low-rider jeans (and I mean, How low can you go?) became the denim of choice, and I chose to spend the last two decades with the peaks of my pelvis exposed. Apparently, to be fly, your fly could be no longer than your pinky.

Despite being a Pilates fanatic, I never felt comfortable letting so much of my core go commando. Fortunately, knowing how fickle fashion can be, I told myself: “The waist shall rise again!” And it has. High-rise jeans are back (aka “mom jeans”) — and I couldn’t be happier.

Mom Jeans Return: The Waist Rises Again | NextTribeFirst up, the cut gives a sexier silhouette. I’m a woman, not a teenage boy; I have a waist, and now I get to show it off properly. Plus, a little midsection support simply feels good; a 10”-inch rise is infinitely easier to wear than one that’s half that. I walk more confidently when my belly button and pants button are in close proximity. I even found a pair by Lucky Brand with sculpting properties — a “secret slimming panel” — so who’ll know if I skip Pilates this week?

Here’s another great thing about this “everything old is new again” turn of fashion events: If you tend to hang onto clothes for a (too) long time, there may be a pair lurking in the back of your closet. During a recent closet purge, I discovered an old pair of pure-cotton high-rise Wranglers — a la Elly Mae Clampett of The Beverly Hillbillies. I pulled them on, zipped them up all the way up — and felt perfectly in style. Hey, waist not, want not, right?

Nina Malkin



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