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Viva Vogue: Wait Till You See Their Latest 81-Year-Old Cover “Girl”

Look which of our all-time favorites is “Aging Boldly” on the cover of the iconic fashion magazine.

A couple of years ago, Lauren Hutton, at age 73, became the oldest woman on the cover of Vogue, edging out Tina Turner by just a few months.

But now there’s a new holder of that honor as Jane Fonda, 81, is on the front of a special supplement in the May British edition of the fashion magazine. (Okay, okay, so it’s not the main issue of the publication itself; that honor belongs to 45-year-old Kate Moss. We still think it’s a big step in the right direction!)

I’m fond of age. I’m glad I’ve lived this long.

The issue is dubbed the “Non-Issue” issue and is all about diversity, but not only in the way we often think of it—gender and ethnicity. Says editor-in-chief Edward Enninful, “It’s about diversity across the board. Seeing the amazing array of women over 50 in this special edition proves that a person’s age will always be a more intriguing, nuanced and inspiring factor than a simple number could ever suggest.”

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The Goddess

For her part, Fonda has some wonderful comments quoted in the article. Among them are, “I like being over the hill because I’ve discovered there’s a whole new landscape,” and “I’m fond of age. I’m glad I’ve lived this long.” Perhaps the best, though, is this one: “It’s important to understand that older women are the fastest-growing demographic in the whole world. It’s time to recognize our value.”

On social media, Jane’s been earning raves—fans have been calling her an icon and a goddess and saying things like, “I am so here for this cover!” A wonderful reaction … but won’t it be nice when one day (soon hopefully) seeing women of Jane’s age will be a, wait for it, non-issue?

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By Janet Siroto


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