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How to Celebrate International Female Orgasm Day

What? You didn't know that August 8th was International Female Orgasm Day? Now you do, so make the best of it.

International Female Orgasm Day couldn’t come at a better time. (Oh gosh, did we really just write that sentence?) The female orgasm has been getting a lot of attention lately, thanks in large part to Emma Thompson’s new movie, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. The whole plot  revolves around her character’s quest for the Big O, something she’s never experienced before.

Women’s orgasms should be considered as important as men’s.

“Not by yourself?” her designated liberator, Leo Grande, asks.

“Not even by myself. Never,” the poor woman responds.

People are talking about women’s orgasms more openly now than ever and the general consensus is that they should be considered as important as men’s orgasms. The struggle is real. We see statistics from Planned Parenthood that say one in three women do not have an orgasm during sex, and more than 80 percent of women have trouble climaxing through vaginal intercourse alone. So guys, be a man and help your partner out with plug-in accessories or that handy, agile thing you keep in your mouth.

The marketplace, sensing opportunity, has responded enthusiastically. The O shot injects special blood components into your vagina that helps rev up nerves, collagen, and blood vessels “downtown,” as they say. Sex toys have gone mainstream, or well, not that you’ll find a dildo shop in your average American mall. But still, search “sex vibrator for women”on Amazon and you’ll find plenty of options in plenty of sizes, shapes, colors, and speeds. Female entrepreneurs are leaders in the sex toy business, making devices that are specially outfitted to give a woman what she wants. Other businesses help keep our older vaginas in good shape so they can serve us better.

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Where Did We Get International Female Orgasm Day?

Strangely enough, it was a man who created the International Female Orgasm Day. A Latino man. Or so the story goes. Arimateio Dantas, a councilor in the town of Esperantina in northeast Brazil, dedicated the day to the female orgasm as compensation for the “sexual debt” he owed his own wife. Wow! If guilt for being greedy in bed got to this man, maybe there’s hope for others to follow suit.

A Brazilian man started the holiday as compensation for the “sexual debt” he owed his own wife.

The movement really kicked off, and now the point is to help women embrace their sexuality and to encourage men to focus on satisfying their partners. It’s become one of the most popular holidays in Brazil, which makes perfect sense. What’s not to love about a holiday devoted to pure erotic abandon? The day is now observed in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, and Norway as well. We’re hoping the U.S. will pick it up as well. But what are the odds? There’s such an anti-woman climate in this country right now, next thing we know they’re going to outlaw female pleasure.

How to Celebrate

There’s only one good way to mark this day. Practice the art, and have a ferocious orgasm. Or two. Or three. Anyway you can. With your man, your woman, or on your own.

Happy International Female Orgasm Day!

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