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5 to Follow: These Sites Help You Shake Off Some Stress

Chill out and say Aaaah.

Many of us thought this lifestage would be a big easy, with a lot of the hard work of life (establishing a career, raising kids) largely in the rearview. Why then are we so relentlessly stressed?! While we don’t have the answer to that, we can offer help—some smart strategies for taking the tension down a notch or two.

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Time to Mellow Out

Need Help With Stress? Follow These 5 Websites | NextTribe

Check out these five websites that come at stress reduction from different angles. Hopefully, one or more will help you find a bit of zen.

1. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes This site asks you to let your mind go still and quiet as you listen to waves for just 120 seconds. Sound easy? It isn’t! In our culture of do-this, do-that, hurry-up, sometimes the greatest gift we can give ourselves is a literal breather. Try it and see if you don’t feel refreshed and soothed.

2. Mellowed has a Millennial vibe to it (yup, the models are our kids’ age) but it has loads of useful intel. With the tagline “Enjoy life. Live Mellow,” it offers advice on such topics as “6 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief,” “9 Natural Ways to Relieve Headaches,” “30 Journaling Ideas and Prompts,” and “5 Hacks for Overcoming Inbox Stress.” As the young’uns would say, Yasss!

3. Auntie Stress, the creation of a woman who’s lived with rheumatoid arthritis for decades, and has won many best-blog awards. Yes, there is information here about health issues and stress, but also posts about job-loss stress and even Twitter stress, as well as resources for all.

4. Stress to Strength is a multi-faceted site devoted to the concept of building emotional resilience. There are articles about understanding the stress hormone, cortisol, and the link between chronic fatigue and stress, as well as videos on conquering “energy vampires.” E-books and training sessions are offered up, but you don’t need to go that far to get a good grounding in ways to understand and overcome anxiety.

 5. Blahtherapy This is a quirky approach—it’s a website that lets you vent to strangers or listen and hopefully help as they share their angst. Can lay people help one another? Sometimes just knowing someone is there as you articulate what is stressing you out can indeed be uplifting – as can hearing what someone else is grappling with. That funny little thing called perspective can wind up making you realize it’s time to stop sweating things so much. There are also links to professional help on the site, too

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By Janet Siroto


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