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5 to Follow: Get Inspired by These Body Positive Sites

NextTribe body positive

Want to boost your body-love quotient and feel more body positive? Follow these 5 Instagram accounts to help you get in touch with your physical self and take great care of it.

@cornishbirdindorset chronicles the healthy midlife fitness adventures of Tracy Acock, an English nurse. It’s fun to follow as she weight-trains, cycles, and embraces the moment.

@lorrainecladish The founder of the terrific “Viva Fifty” bilingual web community for women 50 plus is an awesome yogini. From learning about the Mermaid Pose to open your hip flexors to seeing her super-cute yoga pants, it’s a great source of fitness info and inspo.

@msjeanettejenkins has been a fitness expert for 27 years, but still bring newbie enthusiasm to her account, with treadmill workouts, boot camps, floor booty-boosting moves and more. There’s always something to be learned from this dynamo

@nikerunning Yes, it’s brought to you by a brand, but they have audio-guided runs, the latest gear write-ups, spotlight on body-positive athletes, and more.

@taniadalton is a 49-year-old personal trainer and adventurer. Come for the exercise moves, stay for the scenic pics.

 – Janet Siroto


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