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We’re Loving Now: Tricks to Hide Gray Roots and Stuff for Lounging Around the House

In this month's Next List, we pass on reader suggestions for how to cover gray roots, where to shop cheaply, and what to snuggle up in when you're stuck at home.

I’m lucky because I get to see a bunch of friends every day of the week. We support and comfort each other, and compare notes about how to survive this devastating pandemic. Of course, I’m doing this all virtually—through the happy hours, coffee talks, and other events NextTribe sponsors.

One of the many wonderful aspects of these get togethers is learning about things that can make life better, more fulfilling right now. So, for this month’s Next List (our regular feature on great products and services), I’m passing along suggestions from other Tribe members that I’ve gathered at these virtual events. Thanks to all of you, and keep the ideas coming.

Here’s How to Make It to the Next Beauty Appointment

growing out gray hair

Last Thursday, during our regular coffee hour, we talked about a story we just ran about whether this is a good time to let your hair go gray. Several at the event were all for the natural look, but many (me included!) were fretting about what our hair would look like by the time we could get to a salon again.  I was thrilled when one of the women suggested Clairol’s Root Touch Up products. Actually, she was amazed I didn’t know about them already. You can choose a shade in a spray, powdered concealer, a semi-permanent gel, or a permanent color. One of our attendees, a hair dresser, also suggested trying a visual trick: a zig zag part, instead of a straight one because the gray isn’t as obvious. She also suggested apply eye shadow (that is close to your shade) to your roots with a toothbrush. Hallelujah. I think we’ll make it.

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Retail Therapy Now

At our Tuesday night Happy Hour, a NextTriber lamented that she could no longer engage in one of her favorite pastimes: shopping. She confessed that it helps calm her when she’s anxious, and she’s super-anxious right now. She’s found a new way to indulge, though “indulge” might not be the right word. She goes to shopgoodwill.com, where you can find Dooney Bourke bags (like the one above), Coach shoes, and the like “for pennies on the dollar,” she says. Goodwill holds back the best donations it receives to put online, she told us. Plus, she feels better knowing the proceeds go to a good cause.

If You’re Not Getting Dressed All Day

Very few of us need to put on anything crisp or stylish these days. But that doesn’t mean we have to slouch about the house. One woman who came to our Sunday Salon was wearing what looked like a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. I was wowed at the idea of getting dolled up for a weekend Zoom session, but she explained that it was a robe from Anthropologie. She thinks Anthropologie has the best robes, and I particularly like the short ones, which will be nice if this stay-at-home order stretches into May.

The Best Use of Old T-Shirts

I hear from so many people that they’re using this time at home to clean and organize. A regular attendee at our yoga classes told me that she’d finally organized her grown sons’ rooms. That included taking T-shirts from their growing up years (you know, from their Little League team or summer camps) and sending them off to a company called Project Repat to have a T-shirt quilt made from them. I’d never heard of this (have I been living under a rock?). What a great idea. It sent me down to my storage bunker to dig out my kids’ Tees. I can’t wait to get my own quilt so I can wrap myself in sweet memories.

By Jeannie Ralston


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