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We Want to Know: How’d You Sleep Last Night?

For many of us, menopause brings the often quixotic, usually maddening quest for a good night's rest. Please tell us about your sleep issues in this survey, and we'll try to help you get some ZZZZs .

“My midlife friends and I now swap sleep advice as enthusiastically as we used to trade diet tips.”

Ginny Graves wrote that line in a report she did on insomnia soon after NextTribe launched. For us, it perfectly captured the crazed quest for shut-eye so many of us undergo at this time in our lives. Why does it become so hard to perform this simple biological function? Why does it all get worse if we start wondering why we can’t perform this simple biological function? There’s something so unfair, cruel even, about the whole thing: The more you want it, the more elusive it can become.

Since we hear about sleep problems so often from friends, sisters, and you readers, we want to get a handle on what exactly you are dealing with. How big is the problem? How many of us are up at 2 a.m.? Should we start a Facebook group just for insomniacs? Check in any time of night and find a restless friend? (Oh wait. One already exists.)

Before we get to any of that, let’s start with a survey. November is sleep month at NextTribe, so we’re inviting you to tell us all about how you sleep–or don’t sleep. We’ll compile the results in a future story, and we’ll also ask experts to answer your biggest questions about sleep in a separate article. Until then, sweet dreams.

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