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Bobbi Brown Offers the 3 Simplest Beauty Tips for Women Over 50

Teens aren't the only ones with viral TikTok videos. Famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown gets millions of views with love-yourself beauty messages.

Too often the beauty advice for women our age include a host of products or complicated steps that are supposed to de-emphasize signs of aging. That’s why we found a new Bobbi Brown video, which has gone viral on TikTok, so refreshing.

Brown, 64, has long been known for her namesake company Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, but she left that business in 2016 and has since started Jones Road Beauty, which concentrates on clean formulations and simple applications. In her TikTok video, an unadorned Brown talks directly to the camera and says, “My makeup tips for 50 and over.”

Use moisturizer. Not just on your face, but your neck and hands too. “It feels better and looks better,” she says.

Get rid of redness. She demonstrates using a concealing stick around her nose and mouth and recommends it for darkness under the eyes.

Add luminosity. Brown dips into a tub of Jones Road Beauty’s Miracle Balm and spreads some of the shimmery substance over her cheeks. the Jones Road website touts Miracle Balm as the “secret of no-makeup makeup: a wash of soft-focus moisture to perfect and enhance skin.”

At the end of the video, Brown smiles and says, “Quick. Easy. I think I look better.”

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Going Viral


@justbobbibrown Reply to @lorihammer Here are my beauty tips for women over 50. #jonesroadbeauty #cleanmakeup #miracebalm ♬ original sound – Bobbi Brown

The response to the video has been phenomenal, already attracting 2.4 million views. “TikTok may have started as a Gen-Z platform, but its demographic has definitely expanded,” she tells Vogue. “There is a strong and very vocal 50+ audience on TikTok and that community has been very supportive of me. For over 30 years, my message has consistently been about being authentic and yourself, and the TikTok audience seems to be craving that message. We all need to hear more positive messaging around self-care and self-love right now, and it’s definitely struck a chord on my TikTok.”

The key themes threading through all her videos, she tells Vogue, are learning to love yourself and using makeup to enhance your natural features. “What I’m saying on TikTok is what I’ve been preaching my whole career—there is a lot of negative content on social media that’s about covering up your flaws and always looking perfect, whatever the cost. That’s just not my philosophy.”

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