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Readers’ Choice Awards: The Brands You’re Loving Now

We asked about your favorite brands, and you told us! Here we present the First Annual NextTribe Readers' Choice Awards. Plus special picks by our esteemed judges.

best brands for women

Click here for the complete list of winners chosen by our readers. 

Click here for Editors’ Picks.  

One quality that connects NextTribe women is a desire to keep exploring. That means we’re always sniffing out great experiences, great products, and great services to try. We know that many businesses think the millenials are the demographic that makes or breaks brands. But we have news for them: Women in the 45-plus age group are the healthiest, wealthiest, most active generation of women in history, and what we like matters.

At this age, we are investing in ourselves and the future. After years of caring for others, we are finally able to focus on self care. We are actively seeking out our next adventure and challenge. We are gaining a powerful voice in a never-before-seen moment in time.

Because each of you is an influencer in your own family and circle, we asked you to tell us those things you can’t do without—from your preferred brand of skin serum to your favorite travel-booking service. More than 1,500 readers answered our survey, and we’re excited to share the winners of our NextTribe Readers’ Choice Award.

best brands for women

Readers Speak Up

Besides picking the award winners below, many of you left comments on how businesses regard women in our age group. Though many reported feeling underrepresented, there was much cause for optimism.  

I think brands are finally beginning to catch up to our demographic,” said one NextTribe reader. 

“The industry has finally realized the financial strength of our demographic and recognized the importance of reflecting us in their marketing!”  observed another respondent.

Speaking of readers, we want to announce that reader Chris Mastaler has won a $100 gift card to ULTA, as thanks for taking the time to fill out our Readers’ Choice Survey. Truly, we thank all of you.

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best brands for womenBrands Weigh In, Too!

We were thrilled that so many brands that won awards were also thrilled. That’s a lot of thrills. We took this as a sign that eyes are opening to the power and value of women like us. Hooray! 

“Neutrogena takes pride in being a brand that understands women and provides solutions for every stage of life,” said Kerry Sullivan, vice president of Neutrogena, which won several Readers’ Choice Awards.

And we heard this from Rochelle Weitzner, founder and CEO of Pause Well Aging: “We are thrilled to be named Next Tribe’s Favorite Moisturizer! At Pause we believe that beauty gets better with age. As women, we’ve been bombarded with beauty messages our whole lives, but none of them include menopause. Our goal in addition to creating amazing, results-driven products is about changing the dialogue, helping women celebrate beauty on their own terms. This is why we are so excited to be recognized, especially by Next Tribe, supporting the same mission and giving a voice to women who companies often overlook.”

“We are extremely humbled to be named the Editor’s Pick for favorite Emerging Brand for the 45-Plus Market,” says Sonsoles Gonzalez, founder of haircare brand Better Not Younger. “In marketing, you’re always taught if you don’t capture consumers when they’re young, you won’t succeed. But our rise in this space is proof that women 45-plus are open to new brands and especially those whose messaging speaks to her in a relatable, contemporary, and unapologetic way.”

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In addition to our Readers’ Picks, we gathered a panel of editors to share their favorites. Judges for the Editors’ Picks awards include Elisabeth Halfpapp, Core Fusion co-creator and founder of Exhale Spa. (Click here to read about the 5 items Elizabeth can’t live without.) Pavia Rosati, founder and CEO of the travel website Fathom; Janet Siroto, former editor in chief of Family Life and veteran women’s lifestyle editor; Michelle Breyer, beauty entrepreneur and co-founder of hair brand NaturallyCurly and Cheryl Kramer Kaye, veteran beauty editor and director for Redbook and SHAPE. (Click here to read Cheryl’s story about the 5 most important skincare ingredients.)  

Click here for the complete list of winners chosen by our readers. 

Click here for Editors’ Picks.  

Click here to read Cheryl Kramer Kaye’s story about the 5 most important ingredients in beauty products.

Click here to read about the 5 items judge and fitness expert Elizabeth Halfpapp can’t live without.





By Michelle Breyer


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