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Your Face, Skin and Hair at Midlife: What’s Working for You?

May is our month to talk about middle age beauty--how we are embracing different concepts of beauty (as well as different routines and products). We want to hear your ideas on makeup, skincare and haircare. What do you love, hate, and where can we help?

When I was in college, running around getting ready for a date, my friend used to quote her mom’s advice on the subject of make up. “A little blush, a little lipstick and you’ll be fine.” That worked well then, but as my 20s became my 30s, 40s and now 50s, my make up routine has changed dramatically.

Where I used to want to accent my good points, I find that most of my beauty work now is about concealing: Gray hair. Dark under-eye circles. Weird break out around my nostrils.

What about you? What are you focused on? Please tell us here in this four-minute survey. We love hearing from you and your responses will help us plan beauty stories that really speak to you. Thanks.

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By Jeannie Ralston


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