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5 to Follow: Love and Sex After 50 Blogs

Next Tribe sex after 50

It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, candlelight and racy lingerie. Umm, seriously? Those may be the stereotypes, but for a nice, bracing jolt of honest info and writing about matters of sex and love after 50, check out these five sites:

  1. Head-Heart Health. With the tagline “Celebrating (mid)life’s big juicy moments,” this site doesn’t pull any punches. Try this line on for size: “It wasn’t a lack of sexual desire, it was a lack of desire for my husband.“ It’s typical of the writing you’ll find here about sexuality, love, romance and dating. Good and addictive.
  2. Single after divorce, then widowhood, Robinson is a funny and engaging writer who tackles such topics as, “Brazilian Wax: Am I Too Old to Go Bare Down There,” to “What I Learned from a Year of Online Dating.” Her site also links to podcasts. We’re fans!
  3. Sexual Health & Menopause Online Forgive the pun, but this is a dry approach to a dry topic. Sex after menopause is not always a comfortable thing, and this site, co-edited by M.D.s, will give you the straight scoop on what’s going on with your body and what helps, from at-home to Rx solutions.
  4. Sex educator and author of the book “Inviting Desire,” Thornton shares thoughts on sex, libido and communication with your partner. There’s also a guide to livening things up behind closed doors, including the article “Buying Your First Sex Toy.”
  5. Better After 50. This site has loads of great content in its Relationships and Body sections. From taking a sex-every-night challenge to bringing a bartender home one night, the topics are frank and personal and the writing lively and entertaining.

Share your favorite sites in the comments section.

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Walker Thornton

Thanks so much for including me.


Happy to.

Mimi Goldstein Golub

Janie Davis Lane (bartender and all dating after 50 articles) and I (sex challenge article) are honored to be mentioned here! Thank you!

Janie Davis Lane

Wow, thank you for the mention!!!!! Such a wonderful honor!!!! Stay tuned for my continuing story in the coming months.


Yeah. We love your work.

Janie Davis Lane

Wow, thank you for the mention!!!!! Such a wonderful honor!!!! Stay tuned for my continuing story in the coming months.

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