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5 to Follow: These YouTube Videos Will Refresh Your Beauty Routine

The best videos for women our age, offering techniques and tools to keep us looking way fab.

If you haven’t changed up your beauty routine in a while—or, come to think of it, never really had one—there are plenty of videos lurking in the ether, ready to provide some inspiration and instruction. Of course NextTribe has its own beauty expert and video series, but if you still want more input, we share five that are fine-tuned for women our age.

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YouTube Beauty Tutorials—Just for Us

  1. Supermodel Cindy Crawford, age 53, shares her everyday morning beauty routine with Vogue, saying that “Women do makeup for other women, not men.” (Hmm, do we agree with that?) It’s her basic “get out the door fast” face, including a strange little eye-roller gizmo, an easy eye-opening shadow trick, and advice on picking creams over powder. Very low-key, very pretty. And it’s fun to see the face we grew up with, sans makeup, in front of her mirror.
  2. Want a little more color, a little more lip than Cindy’s nude and natural look? Eighties supermodel Joan Severance reveals her routine with a special twist: She has vitiligo, which causes areas of depigmentation on her face, and shows how to blend like a pro to even it out. You’ll also get her shopping list for skin oils, peptides, and more.
  3. Over 3 million of us have already watched Shelly, the host of the Fabulous50s YouTube channel, explain the “5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes on Mature Eyes” in this tutorial.  You’ll get smart advice on why eye primer is an essential, how to lessen the look of drooping eyelids, and more. Plus, gotta love her Australian accent.
  4. Crafting guru Lia Griffith, who’s over 50, lets us see her makeup routine in this step-by-step video sharing smart tactics for prepping skin, getting strong (but not aggressive) brows, and creating Shiraz (yum) lips. Stay tuned to the end when she and her makeup artist talk about how to take this 10-minute look down to a 5-minute speed version on rushed days.
  5. Not much of a makeup wearer but feeling curious? Check out this video from Angie of the super-popular HotandFlashy channel. She takes you through ways to help your skin look and feel its best, correct dark shadows and the like, and then define your face with a bit of color. This is a great, eyelash-curler-free, no-frills makeup lesson.

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By Janet Siroto


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