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A New Publishing Group Is Looking for Women Authors Over 40

A cool resource for women over 40 is now publishing books by and for us, too 

We’re always interested in what the kindred spirits at The Three Tomatoes, as they call themselves, are up to. This trio started a guide to NYC life for “women who aren’t kids”—everything from where to eat and drink and find cool (but not trying too hard) clothes and best facials. It grew into a website and newsletter covering the whole country and beyond. Now, the team is kicking things up to a new level with the creation of The Three Tomatoes publishing imprint. Here’s how Cheryl Benton, the founder and publisher of the Tomatoes empire, explains its genesis.

“Like some of you, I ‘thought’ about writing a book for many years,” she says, so two summers ago, she wrote and then self-published Can You See Us Now? The synopsis of the book sounds as if it might well be rooted in reality: “Three best friends rebel against unsolicited AARP cards, hot flashes, bosses, becoming invisible, and the perceptions of what’s old.” The novel sold better than she expected, and so six months later, she followed it up with Martini Wisdom, which she created with her daughter Roni Jenkins. Described as “Fifty fun and irreverent quips and midlife musings,” it zipped up Amazon’s hot new release list to nab the number-one spot.

First-Time Authors Welcome

Team Tomato decided to share the wealth and help other women achieve their publishing dreams. As Benton explains it, the publishing service helps “women over 40, many first-time authors, get published. Women’s stories need to be told and shared, especially stories that come from life experience and lessons learned along the way.”

Their first project with author Jane Goldman is a perfect example, says Benton. “A former corporate attorney, Jane started writing essays about the journey of growing older which we were thrilled to turn into her first published book, With No Regrets… Getting Older: Face It, Live It, Love It. Grownup stories for grownup women,” she explains.

Ready to read? All of these books are available now. 

By Janet Siroto


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