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Waste of Time: A Survey to Pinpoint the Age When Beauty Fades

Like the world really needs a British plastic surgeon telling us the exact age when we stop being attractive. Yeesh.

Physical beauty fades. We get it. We’ve heard it before. But you know what we could do without? This study by a British plastic surgery practice about the Age of Invisibility.

Yup, Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva of the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London sponsored a survey of 2,000 people to pinpoint the age when we stop being physically attractive. Um, thanks?

When Beauty Fades and We Stop Being Headturners

Apparently, two-thirds of women say that they stopped getting appreciative glances for their physical appearance in their med-forties. (For men, the magic number seems to be a little older). Additionally, almost half of the females said their sexual confidence took a hit as they got older.

“Whether we like it or not, the age of invisibility happens to both sexes throughout their forties and fifties,” Dr. De Silva says. “For women, we found the peak age was 45. We are all living longer and healthier lives and women have never looked better in their 40s but they do feel under increasing pressure to turn back the ageing process… Men report declining levels of allure two years later at 47, though they seem happier to let nature take its course.”

So on which level are you most annoyed by this?

  1. On the basis that a surgeon (who says he’s just the messenger) is possibly using these findings to publicize his own youth-boosting procedures?
  2. On the basis that society makes women feel sexless and unattractive when they are younger than Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Lucy Liu, and Naomi Watts?
  3. On the basis that our self-worth is still so tied up in getting a “second glance” in a sexual way?

Sigh. Tell us what you think in the comments. Do you get less attention than you used to? Do you care?

By Janet Siroto


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