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Take Our Survey and Tell Us What Stresses You Out

This month, we’re looking at the kinds of things that get your blood pressure soaring, and we want to hear from you.

Does your Apple Watch keep sending you “Breathe” reminders because it’s detected a spike in your heart rate? When you try meditation, do you make lists of all the things you should be doing instead? Do you sometimes cry for no apparent reason … um … other than the feeling that the whole damn Jenga-like construction of your life is about to crash down?  

If you’re like most of us, the stress of modern-day life has not lessened much or at all, even though you’re wiser, more experienced, and way past such motherly tribulations as how to wrangle a feisty toddler while cooking meatloaf. In fact, you may have more to worry about now than ever—and part of the anxiety likely comes from the surprising realization that it’s still always something. Or something else. Or that thing you never thought would happen to you but just did.

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In the month of June, we’ll be exploring the stress women like you are feeling, and we want to know what activates your stomach acid and how you cope, if you indeed do cope. This will help us to write stories that address these triggers and provide some comfort–knowing you aren’t alone in the stress sweepstakes can really help. Plus, just the act of telling us what’s eating your lunch may make it easier to swallow. (Did we just mix our metaphors there?)

Please tell us all about your angst. We’ll be selecting one of you to win one of our BOLD NextTribe tank tops. Our thanks for squeezing the survey into your very busy (stressful?) schedules.

If the survey is not appearing on your screen, please click here to take it: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QNSRY58

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