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Talking 80 for Brady with a Lady Who Is Almost 80

Neither of them is a football fan, but both Jennifer Miller and her mom found things to love about this new high-spirited, Super-Bowl-centric movie.

The two biggest things people talk about at this time of year are the Super Bowl and movies (on the heels of Oscar nominations). So how cool is it that there is a movie out right now about the Super Bowl that has the added bonus of being about women our age who are fun and sassy?

You don’t even have to be a football fan to like 80 for Brady, as I found out during the following text exchange with my mother Ava, who is about to turn 80 herself.

The 80 for Brady Text Chain

Me: Mom, have you seen 80 for Brady?

Ava: Yes. Your stepdad and I went last week. Thankfully we paid senior price. What a bargain!

Me: What did you think?

Ava: I loved it.

Me: Wow, and you don’t even like sports.

Ava: Well, I did know who that Tom Brady character was. I have heard of him. Frankly, I don’t follow professional football, but I do like it when my college team wins.

It was nice to have the comic chemistry of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin back.

Me: I loved that the whole movie was based on deep friendships and how important they are for women and maybe more so when you age. Aging women exist in a movie! Hollywood, please take note. The ladies were stylish, beautiful, and dressed to the nines. They were tech savvy. They had romantic relationships and were objects of desire. They still had big goals and dreams to accomplish and did. We should not just be comedy relief.

Ava: But it was pretty funny too.

Me: I know, right? I am mourning the loss of Grace and Frankie, and it was nice to have the comic chemistry of Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin back.  I was also so happy to see Rita Moreno. How is she in her 90s? Go back and see her in the One Day at a Time reboot. She is a national treasure. More Sally Field please! Dolly Parton wrote a song for this movie too. There is so much to like.

Mom, I think we’ve found your celebrity crush.

Ava: I’ve never wanted to go to the Super Bowl. The closest thing was back in college my girlfriends and I, all music majors, wanted to all go to New York to see the New York Philharmonic. I would go right now. Plus, my Tom Brady is the conductor, Gustavo Dudamel. He is moving to New York from Los Angeles. So exciting.

Me: Mom, I think we’ve found your celebrity crush.

Ava: It’s OK. I think my husband knows.

Me: Tom Brady isn’t bad either.

Ava: Did you go with [your husband]?

The theater was packed with large groups of super-stylish girlfriends over 50.

Me: No. Went by myself to an afternoon showing. The theater was packed with silver-foxed couples and large groups of super-stylish girlfriends over 50. It was so cool.

Ava: I’m glad it’s doing well.

Me: It’s not an art house film. It’s not going to win any Academy Awards. But, it is a wonderful film for a girlfriend meetup or a date night. Also, if you are a raging Patriots fan, you should see this movie.

Ava: What do you mean?

Me:  The couple next to me was clapping and cheering like sports fans. After the movie, I learned they were Carol and Rick Rosa, transplants from Boston. They said they were in tears when Brady left Boston and told me Brady was the 199th draft pick, and that game in the movie was the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Wow. I had no idea.

Ava: What’s a draft pick?


Ava Young is pianist married to a retired professional violist and symphony veteran. They live in Oklahoma City, and she loves the basketball team, Oklahoma City Thunder.

Jennifer Miller is an Austin-based media professional who loves art house movies and comedy. She formerly played cello (much to her parents’ chagrin) and knows the important guitar chords. She loves a good sports party. Sports? Not so much.

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By Jennifer Miller


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