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SNL Makes Light of Baby Boomers Getting Their Vaccines. Still Funny or Just Ironic?

Did you laugh at Saturday Night Live's skit called "Boomers Got the Vax"? And is it still funny now that we're dealing with Omicron or just ironic?

Editor’s Note: At the end of every year, we look at the most read stories over the previous 12 months. This story, published in late May, is the third most-read. It’s strange to read this story about older people getting their vaccinations first now–since the government is actually begging people to get their vaccinations these days and even the vaccinated are worried about Omicron. Remember when many of us were feeling smug and free to be vaccinated? Sigh.


Every Sunday, I check to see who Saturday Night Live has skewered the night before. I say Sunday morning, because like many good Baby Boomers, I don’t stay up late enough to see it live. Well, to my surprise, last night’s show took on people like me, Baby Boomers, who are getting the big chunk of COVID vaccinations.

The segment starts with Chris Redd singing:

Baby boomers, greatest generation
Got all the money, now we got the vaccination
Crashed the economy three whole times
And when it comes to the vax, we’re the first in line


The skit was shot like a typical rap video, with fish-eye lens, shaky cuts, and lots of “gangsta” hand signals thrown around. All the cast regulars get time in the spotlight. Kate McKinnon raps about booking a spot on the Diamond Princess now that she’s fully vaccinated, and she rhymes “cruise” with “booze,” to suggest we’re a bunch of hedonists now.

The line, “Me, I spend my time playing tennis/ Two things that don’t work: Me and my penis,” sung by Mikey Day, is one of many that takes digs at the older generation’s wealth and ease (with a dose of sexual insult thrown in). Maya Rudolph, an SNL alum, boasts about COVID not being able to touch her now and new freedom: “No mask in the store.”

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What? They Didn’t Get a Rhyme with CDC?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 39 million Americans age 65 and over have received at least one dose of the vaccine. More than 70 percent of the country’s seniors are fully vaccinated, according to the White House.

So should older adults apologize for that? I mean, we have certainly born the brunt of the pandemic. Eighty-one percent of COVID deaths are people 65 and older.

I don’t think we need to be sorry, but we shouldn’t gloat either, and I doubt any of us are smug at this point. We’re just happy to be alive and kicking and given some more years, and though younger people think we have plenty of money and leisure, time is the one thing no one can doubt we have less of.

What do you think of the skit?


By Jeannie Ralston


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