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Even Paulina Porizkova Has Trouble Dating: “The Pool of Men Is a Puddle”

What hope do we have if a supermodel in her 50s can't get a man through dating apps? Actually...one of her fans might have found her perfect mate.

In a world where every day we are overwhelmed by disturbing news—Delta variant numbers rising, obstinate politicians sending the country into a nosedive—here is some of the worst: even an over-50 supermodel can’t find a suitable man.

Did you know the most searched-for age on dating apps is 50 for a man, and 18 for a woman?

Yes, Paula Porizkova, fresh from a break up with Adam Sorkin, has taken to a dating app, and is appalled by what she is finding. Here’s her lament on Instagram:

“So many of you expressed surprise that a famous model would be on a dating app. You have offered advice: everything from “you don’t need a man, get a hobby, buy a cat…go to parties, call up whomever you’re interested in (because they are sure to want me?) and join a different dating app. Dating in your fifties, even if you’re seen as attractive, is much different from dating when younger. For one, the pool of available men is now a puddle. The ones who are my age and been single for a long time are single for some very good reasons. And most guy my age are looking for women ten to twenty years younger. Did you know the most searched-for-age on dating app is 50 for a man – and 18 for a woman?!”

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The Cynics and the Matchmakers

Just as interesting as Porizkova’s problem, and what it means for the rest of us, are the comments she received from her followers.

“I always say that my dating pool is a thimble with a few drops of water in it,” wrote @taradublinrock. A more cynical observation came from @robbiet895: “Everyone is damaged goods.”

Many of the comments suggested that Porizkova consider a younger man, something we assume she’s already considered. But it gave some commenters a chance to brag about their younger boyfriends.

“You could not ask for a more kind, gentle, decent soul who rocks like a demon,” a fan tells Porizkova about a potential match.

“I’m 51. I met the love of my life on Tinder 2 years ago. He will be 30 in December,” wrote @beardedladynaturals. “He is younger, but…mature, emotionally intelligent, thoughtful, amorous, great work ethic, and fun. He finds women his age too concerned with partying and things he considers superficial or trivial. He longed for real intimacy he says and then he found me. He loves my worldliness, emotional stability, independence and the way I mother my children (who love him).”

Other commenters were completely alarmed about Porizkova’s mention of the age that men search for when looking for a partner. Even Mariel Hemingway weighed in with horror, and one commenter saw a teaching moment, offering a new term to be learned: Ephebophilia, which is the desire for a teenage sexual partner. Also repulsed was @rebecca0672: “When I was 18, I wanted nothing to do with a 50 year old man. I believe there are men out there that still want someone their own age not extra children to take of.”

Our favorite comment is from @ginaboom1yes, who is trying to fix Porizkova up with Peter Frampton. She writes, “How about @mrpeterframpton? He appears single and perhaps ready to mingle? ‍♀️And you could not ask for a more kind, gentle, decent soul who rocks like a demon!” At first Porizkova seems unsure whether he’s actually single, but she is assured he has no wife or girlfriend. Has a match been made? Stay tuned. If it has been, we’re sure to hear about it in People.

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