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Meet the 10 Most Amazing Older Instagram Models

Here are our favorite Instagram stars who approach fashion with attitude and inspire us to have some fun with clothes.

We’ve always known that great style doesn’t evaporate when you hit middle age. That’s why we love checking out Instagram, where so many women our age are showcasing their looks and creativity. There are a slew of fun, fabulous, and fierce accounts—including fashion-focused ones that inspire all of us to let loose a little more with self-expression.

Instagram Famous

Plenty of these Insta influencers are now earning money as models, style consultants, spokespeople and more, thanks to their accounts. Could you do the same? Check out these feeds and who knows…maybe it’s time to start flaunting your daily looks on social media:

  1. @baddiewinkle This nonagerian’s outrageous outfits (think hot pink, mini’s galore) and joie de vivre have millions of followers entranced
  2. @iconaccidental Professor and trendsetter Lyn Slater proves that being 60 plus doesn’t dull one’s fashion sense: It can actually amp it up. NextTribe saluted her as a woman of the year, and she just keeps getting bolder and better!
  3. @fashionistaover40  Evelyn is an advocate for mature women to be “confident, wear anything without hesitation while still being elegant, sophisticated and classy.”
  4. @jennykeeoz An Australian artist and knitwear designer who wears blazing colors and patterns and looks awesome doing it
  5. @lili_hayes Lili Hays has major attitude, serving up some quirky grandma-style humor and looks to 100,000+ followers
  6. @lindaandwinks Model and creator of Rodin beauty products, Linda Rodin shows off lots of denim, the world’s coolest sunglasses, and her poodle Winks
  7. @notdeadyetstyle The name says it all: Irreverent looks worn by one over-the-top over-50 woman
  8. @saramaijewels This over-60 entrepreneur shows off the jewels she sells and a fearless sense of style (seems she never met a print she didn’t like)
  9. @seniorstylebible Former Playboy Bunny, Dorrie Jacobson is now a style blogger, rocking everything from athleisure-wear to gowns
  10. @silver_isthenewblonde Snapshots of a chic, “age-positive” lifestyle. More mainstream, wearable looks than the others–not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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