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All About Menopause: A New Organization Offers Critical Support

This website and community aim to educate and elevate women at this stage of life.

If you’re part of the NextTribe community, it’s likely that menopause is a fact of life. More than a million of us American women reach menopause every year, with the average age being 51.

Now, there’s a new resource to help arm women with information and support as they go through this shift. The National Menopause Foundation (NMF) just launched and is dedicated to giving women the facts, connections, and community they need to “thrive along the journey to and through menopause.”

The foundation queried women aged 40-plus and found that a whopping 97 percent said they experienced at least one symptom of menopause. (Hot flashes were extremely common, with three out of four women saying they had sweated through them.) Of the women surveyed, 62 percent said the issues they dealt with were significant enough to interfere with their quality of life.

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The Positive Pause?

The Foundation aims to help women with an online community for peer-to-peer support, information backed by its Medical Advisory Committee (including which foods may delay the onset of menopause), and empowering news on clinical trials for medications and more. There’s also a podcast called “The Positive Pause,” with the first episode available now. Its topic: sex—specifically, physical changes in this realm as hormonal shifts occur; treatments for physical symptoms that are connected to sexual health at menopause; and how women can approach their healthcare provider about concerns they may have.

Says Claire Gill, founder and CEO of the non-profit Foundation, “The NMF wants to help women navigate midlife and beyond armed with facts and supported by their peers. We want this moment to develop into a movement that brings about a positive change in how people perceive, understand and experience menopause.”

If you want to learn more about what’s happening to your mind and body, check out this new resource. Also read NextTribe’s Menopause Chronicles for more insight. Here’s to our health!

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By Janet Siroto


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