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Midlife Transition: What Changes Are You Making This Year?

We're at a time in our lives when we're all facing ch-ch-changes. Tell us what midlife transitions you're welcoming or confronting right now.

One of my favorite songs is David Bowie’s “Changes.” During so many weird and volatile times in my life (moving, postpartum depression, moving again) I’ve taken comfort from that line, “Turn and face the strange ch-ch-changes.” To me it means, accept that change is inevitable; just roll with it. And so far, I’ve been able to do so fairly well (with a few exceptions of course). My midlife transition has obviously been about embracing all kinds of new stuff.

We’re at a time in our lives when we’re all facing changes. Kids leaving, getting married; looking at retirement (either our own or our spouse’s); starting new projects and businesses; reassessing marriages; losing parents. As part of our month-long look at transitions, we want to hear from you about the changes you’re welcoming or confronting in the year ahead.

Midlife Transition: What Changes Are YOU Making? | NextTribePlease let us know what kinds of changes you are making in the comments, so we can figure out what articles we should be writing in the months ahead and because we just want to hear what’s in your heart as we start 2018.

Things we’re interested in? Your top 3 goals right now, how successful you’ve been at achieving goals in the past and what kind of roadblocks you normally face. We’d also like to hear about your mindset here in 2018 as the world continues to change (for good and bad) at a super rapid pace.

And please read our transition stories this month, starting with this one about going cold turkey off drink and drugs. Onward and upward!

By Jeannie Ralston


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