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Elizabeth O’Brien: Growing a Tiny Mustache in the Most Unlikely Spot

In our weekly Menopause Chronicles series, Elizabeth O'Brien talks about a treatment she tried that left her with unwanted hair and a welcome libido boost.

Through history, women have shared their experiences and solutions to pass along information they didn’t get anywhere else. Now with a boost from the Internet, we honor this tradition by compiling a collection of menopause stories, updated every week. If you’d like to tell us about your menopause experience, please answer eight questions here and include a photo of yourself. 

When did you go into menopause? 

Early-ish 50s 

What did you know about menopause before you hit it? 

That it wasn’t fun and that you instantly dried up, experienced an unfortunate redistribution of weight to the middle, lost your hair and mojo and grew “old.” 

What you wish you had known? 

That hormone replacement therapy is miraculous—the relative fountain of youth! 

Most vexing symptom? 

Psychological: loss of significance. 

Best part? 

Liberation from PMS and messy periods. 

How do/did you treat symptoms? 

HRT—eventually, very successfully. I went to a gifted endocrinologist/OB/GYN. 

Most memorable menopause story? 

My trials in finding the right HRT cocktail. At one point I tried an estrogen/testosterone cream, to be rubbed on my wrist, whereupon I grew a tiny mustache on my wrist and watched my breasts shrink to the size of walnuts. But boy, was I horny

Three words to describe your menopause experience? 

Mind-control adventure. 

By NextTribe Editors


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