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Liza Minnelli Turns 75 and Other Big March Birthdays

At 75, Liza Minnelli has proven herself to be a true survivor. We put our (jazz) hands together for the iconic singer, and for more March babies with notable birthdays.

Every month, we like to give some love to well-known women who are marking milestone birthdays. We know that some women don’t like to celebrate their age, but we really feel that each year you pass where you’re still contributing to the world is a year worth applauding. So insert hand clapping emoji here.

Camryn Manheim, March 8th, 60 years old

Camryn Manheim

She’s never looked like a typical Hollywood actress, but she hasn’t needed to. Camryn Manheim has the acting chops to take on tough roles and always make them relatable. While at New York University’s school of drama, she was cast by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Tony Kushner as an ingenue, which was considered ground breaking because of her size.

In Hollywood, she dispelled the fallacy that large women can’t be portrayed as sensual, sophisticated, and confident. Her portrayal of Ellenor Frutt in The Practice won her an Emmy, and her book, Wake Up, I’m Fat! won her lots of fans who appreciated her intelligent, candid, poignant, and often hilarious stories of being fat in a society obsessed with being thin.

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Liza Minnelli, March 12th, 75 years old

March celebrity birthdays

A dark, pixie hair cut. Serving-spoon-sized brown eyes framed by a heavy fringe of lashes and bold brows. Liza Minnelli has been known for this look almost as long as she’s been known for her powerful, piercing voice and a never-let-them-see-you-sweat showmanship.

As the daughter of Judy Garland, she started her career in her mother’s (very big) shadow. It was through the movie Cabaret that Minnelli found her own way, made her own mark. She went on to perform in a string of memorable films, from New York, New York (her rendition of the theme song makes you almost forget Sinatra’s version) to Arthur. Like her mother, she had a bumpy romantic life–she was married four times–but has proven herself to be a true survivor.

Dana Delany, March 13th, 65 years old

Dana Delany March

We first met Dana Delany on the beloved series China Beach, and she certainly made a splash over the four seasons of the show. She twice won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Dramatic Series. From there, Delany moved to other series and to film, including the tender Fly Away Home. One little-known bit of trivia: She reportedly turned down the chance to play Carrie Bradshaw (it’s hard to imagine anyone but Sarah Jessica Parker in that role). However, Delany did go on to star in another dishy series: Desperate Housewives.

Amy Sedaris, March 29th, 60 years old

March celebrity birthdays

Is there anything Amy Sedaris can’t do? That’s the question that immediately comes to mind when scrolling through her accomplishments. She’s a bestselling author, a film actress (Elf, School of Rock), a comedian, a cooking and crafting guru. And oh yeah, she had a key part in one of TV’s most-loved new series, The Mandalorian. (Her character was actually entrusted with the care of The Child).

Sedaris, whose brother David Sedaris is kind of famous too, has great energy and her humor is very physical. Savvy, irreverent, and a bit of a goofball–she’s definitely NextTribe’s kind of woman.

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