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After Surviving Breast Cancer, I Became a “Dream Doula” to Others

Her journey through breast cancer prompted Jan Bozarth to use her creative skills to help others explore their dreams and create new paths forward.

For women like us who have spent numerous years creating our identities around our work or our families, taking a step in a new direction can feel like a katydid molting its exoskeleton. It’s unsettling and liberating in equal measures, possibly painful–we can’t ask the katydid–and we suspect, itchy.

Here we share stories of women who have scratched a new itch. We hope these stories may provide the insight and encouragement for others to leave their old skin–familiar and easy as it is–and go into a new world a little naked and scared. But not alone.

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Today, we’re happy to highlight the work of Jan Bozarth of Austin, Texas.

What kind of work or passion are you pursuing now?

I started a new venture called Dreameroo. I am teaching people how to use dreamwork to fulfill a lifelong passion or to accomplish a specific goal. It can be a creative project or anything that daunts them. I’ve set up my training as a daily practice like yoga or meditation.

How old were you when you began in this new direction?


What did you do before you made this change?

I have been a professional in children’s entertainment as a writer/producer/designer for 30 years. I am a published author, Fairygodmotheracademy.com and songwriter at Jan-Bozarth.com I worked with big studios like Disney Imagineers and Mattel, among others. These were demanding jobs with multiple roles.

What prompted you to make this change?

Stage Three Breast cancer. After I went into remission I decided to reinvent myself by focusing on my own most cherished dream. I applied my Dreameroo theory to myself first. I continue to write books and songs because I am passionate about that. But helping others execute on a dream brings me a different kind of joy. It’s a great gift to be a dream doula.

What from your previous work or life situation helped you in your reinvention?

I have always had a vivid dream life, the place from which my songs and stories often came. I am a lucid dreamer as well as an active imagineer. I put those things to work for myself. I crafted a vision of the life I wanted going forward. It has taken courage to reimagine joy in this new time of life. But it works!

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What were the biggest obstacles you had to overcome?

Starting over with different energy, both physical and psychic. I needed to imagine my life with more space for healing and not so much stress. Going slow is beautiful. There’s more time to appreciate everything and everyone.

How are you overcoming them?

First, I had to prioritize my health above all else. I decided to choose things that fed my soul first instead of just going back to the way things “used to be.” I had to practice choosing what things or people or work to devote my energy to. This re-ordering of priorities is ongoing.

What fears did you have to face?

Letting go of what used to be….. and creating from where I am. It is a new way of being.

What kind of support did you receive in your reinvention?

I have an amazing family and many true friends who were there for me. I worked with Livestrong, Rallyhood, and the Mayo Clinic while I was in treatment. I wrote a blog called “Girl On The Moon,” which dealt with all kinds of loss in addition to the illness.

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How have you grown or how has your life improved as a result of taking on this new pursuit?

I have found joy again after losing it for a period of time. Remembering that everyone has loss and struggles with the pursuit of their dreams has helped me realize my own gifts and how they can help others.

What advice would you give to other women at this age who are looking to reinvent themselves?

Let go of what used to be. Spend time visualizing what you are becoming and what can be if you let it. Dreams can come true if you believe and get busy doing the work.

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By Jan Bozarth


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