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My Corona: How I’m Coping

Our world has been turned upside down, and we know you're as anxious and confused as we are. Please tell us how you're managing. Sharing our experiences can lighten our burdens and help others too.

The coronavirus pandemic will certainly be a defining experience of our lifetime, much the same way the Great Depression and World War II were for an earlier generation. It will forever alter our sense of vulnerability and our sense of  our country and the world. There may be difficult transformations (for ourselves and society) as we recover, but there might also be bright spots and hope.

We would like to hear from you about how you’ve experienced this prolonged event. How do you keep yourself safe and sane? What do you see on the road ahead?

NextTribe will send each person who fills out this questionnaire one of our BOLD tank tops. (Let’s be BOLD as we make our way through this.) You can answer anonymously if you prefer. We believe your answers will help others cope with their own stretch of anxiety and isolation. Sharing always lessens a burden, but right now we have fewer outlets. So let us help with that so you can help others.

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