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Our Tribute to the Royal Family’s Hardest Worker

Princess Anne is cut from the same cloth as her mother and works harder than anyone, just does it mostly out of the spotlight.

Editor’s Note: As we watch the Queen’s funeral ceremonies, we can’t help but think of how her family is faring. All attention is on new King Charles and the new Prince of Wales, but we want to shine a light on the Queen’s daughter, who contributes so much without a lot of fanfare. Here, we re-publish a story about Anne and her work. 


Every now and then, we can’t resist a bit of royal watching, especially coming on the heels of all the fanfare-a-rific weddings of late. So when we heard there was a ranking of the most active members of the Queen’s clan, we couldn’t resist taking a look and seeing who snagged first place as the hardest working royal.

If you think it would be the camera magnets Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle who did the most appearances, guess again. While they may be the most photographed (down to their every change of nail polish, hairstyle, and footwear), when it comes to actually turning up and representing the family, they aren’t even contenders for the top honors. (Granted, they have young and burgeoning families to tend to.)

The Hardest Working Royal: Keeping Up With The Windsors

The Hardest Working Member of the Royal Family Is Not Who You Think | NextTribe

The Queen and Princess Anne en route to the Royal Ascot in 2018. Image: Chrisukphoto | Dreamstime.com

It’s Princess Anne, 72, who takes the crown, so to speak. She is Queen Elizabeth’s only daughter and is blazing the trail for most robust royal. This is according to Tim O’Donovan, who has been scouring court circulars and publishing rankings of the family’s affairs for 39 years in the UK newspaper The Times. While Prince Charles (Anne’s older brother) has taken top honors recently, in 2018, Princess Anne clipped him, with 447 domestic outings and 71 overseas appearances, for a total of 518 versus Charles’ 507.

She attended more events than Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton combined.

In fact, Princess Anne was present at more events than Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton combined. Talk about energy—Princess Anne certainly seems to have it.

It’s worth noting, though, that even in her later years, the Queen herself was still out there attending events. Four years ago, she attended 283 events over 365 days, all domestic as she no longer traveled abroad. Yes, it was her job, but that was an intense schedule. Let’s have a round of “Huzzahs” for her and her daughter as vigorous examples of Aging Boldly across the pond.

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A version of this story was published in January 2019. 


By Janet Siroto


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