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Make Sex Fun Again: Two New Lube Choices with Powerful Extra Ingredients

Glissant was founded by two women who have the perfect credentials for addressing women's sexual issues in a beautiful, sensuous way.

The first sex issue a new company called Glissant solves is where to store your lube. You know what we’re talking about. You can’t just leave it out after all, in case nosy kids–or grandkids–come around. Glissant’s lube comes in beautiful packaging; it looks like a larger version of a Chanel lipstick. So, you can keep it right out in the open, on your night stand next to your crossword and your reading glasses, and boom! you’re ready to go whenever, without the fumbling and searching for the good stuff.

Glissant founders will be at our virtual Out Loud event on Tuesday, Feb. 23rd. Come by and talk to them about their beautiful lube. Tickets for the event here.

But that’s only the beginning of what the two Glissant founders have thought of when it comes to lubrication. The women come with the perfect credentials for addressing women’s sexual predicaments in a beautiful, sensuous way. Dr. Karyn Eilber is a physician and surgeon at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Hospital, specializing in female pelvic medicine; her friend and co-founder Renee Garacochea has more than 25 years of experience formulating beauty products using natural oils and extracts.

Eilber’s patients often told her that they didn’t have sex because the dryness made it hurt, and they didn’t fare much better using the lubes found on the market. “Women would come back to me and tell me that the lubricants they tried irritated them more; they felt like they got a vaginal infection after that,” Eilber says.

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Oil or Water?

This is what prompted Eilber to turn to Garacochea to work on a solution with her. Glissant (which means “slippery” in French) offers a water-based lube with a sea salt and caramel flavor, and yes “flavor” is the appropriate word here, hinting at the hoped-for activity that might take place. This lube, which has been cleared by the FDA as a medical device, also contains hyaluronic acid, which adds to a woman’s own natural moisture, lactic acid for a healthy vaginal pH, and l-arginine, known to have “Viagra” like effects, the company says.

The ingredients in each product enhance your own natural response.

The other option is an oil-based formula called Huile d’Amour. The key ingredients in this lube are CBD and CBG, which is another cannabinoid, and has been shown to reduce inflammation, according to the founders. The two cannabinoids used together produce what’s known as the “entourage effect,” the founders say, where the properties of each are amplified.

With the help of a Chinese herbalist, Glissant infused Huile d’Amour with a slew of traditional aphrodisiacs, including ginseng, maca, allium, and horny goat leaf (great name that last one). Garacochea advises that you spray a little in your mouth (completely safe) to really get in the mood.

“Our lubes are not just lubes,” says Eilber. “The ingredients in each product enhance your own natural response.”

The Bonuses

glissant lube
Glissant co-founders Renee Garacochea and Dr. Karyn Eilber.

At least two other ways Glissant makes lube easy and comfortable for you. They’re each sprays, which means you can direct the lube where it’s needed without getting your hands all goopy. Also, the beautiful containers are refillable, which makes sense for the environment and your wallet. The lube retails for $55, and a one-ounce refill goes for $35.

To get the biggest impact, the founders suggest using the water and the oil lube together. “You can try them individually,” says Eilber, “or mix them together to get the best of both.”

Garacochea says a good lube is a worthwhile indulgence. “Look at it this way. You can just take a bath or you can have a bath with beautiful bath salts and candles to make it special,” she says. “Same with lube. You can use whatever, or you can use something really luxurious that will be a better experience for both of you.”

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