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5 to Follow: Where to Get Great Health & Fitness Advice

Want to lose belly fat, find a fun new workout, or figure out some new meatless recipes? Here ya go!

Summer, with its sunshine and warm weather, is the perfect time to get outdoors, dip into a cool pool, and have a smoothie or salad instead of heavier fare. In our recent exercise survey, you told us that you mainly get advice on health and fitness on the Internet, so you’ll want to make sure you check out these five sites that we love.

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Fitness Advice for Days

Looking for some healthy food inspo? Check out Well + Good! Image: Well + Good/Instagram

Since it’s way too easy to fall down a Google rabbit hole when it comes to fitness and exercise, we narrowed things down for you.

1. While not targeted specifically at women our age, MindBodyGreen is a fantastic hub of holistic living. You can learn the difference between Keto and Paleo eating (yes, there is one), stretches to rev up your energy, the best pain-relieving herbs, and how to be less judgy. They have a panel of experts in each topic backing them up, so this is a super-dependable resource.

2. Are you part of our yoga nation? If so, check out Yoga Journal. And if you’re not into yoga but are curious, check it out, too! Loads of great info on poses, practice, meditation, and more … plus videos.

3. Well + Good has us addicted with all kinds of fascinating articles, like “This is what a 105-year-old woman eats every day for breakfast,” “Exercising just *this* much can help prevent depression,” and “Spinning is supposed to be easy on your joints—so why does it make my knees hurt?” Good job, Well + Good!

4. Self may not be Boomer-focused, but it has loads of info we can use. Exhibit A: “How much fiber should I be eating to feel regular?” Exhibit B: “Can our bodies even tell the difference between naturally occurring and added sugars?” Plus the Workouts section—and the whole site—are all about body positivity, so regardless of your shape and size, you will feel very welcome.

5. Linda Melone is a 50+ woman who writes about topics that are quite popular with our demographic: How to get rid of belly fat, outsmarting midlife weight gain, finding fitness motivation, and more. A trainer and award-winning writer, she cuts to the chase with wise advice.

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Have some fitness sites you’re already following? Tell us about ’em in the comments!

By Janet Siroto


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