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7 Different Types of DIY Lattes to Try If You’re Bored Silly by Your Usual Coffee

If drinking your daily brew has you officially in the doldrums, we can help.

It almost always happens as winter kicks in: You get in the groove of warming up with a cup of joe … and soon realize that if you have another drop of your usual order  (be it dark roast, light roast, French roast, Blonde roast, or something else entirely), your taste buds may just curl up. There’s got to be some different types of lattes and hot drinks out there, right?


Different Types of Lattes for Different Types of Moods

Different Types of Lattes to Try When Your Bored of a Plain Cup 'O Joe: Golden and Matcha Lattes | NextTribe

That’s a cuppa that is definitely Instagram-worthy. Image: Maddi Bazzocco/Unsplash

It’s actually never been a better moment to be totally done with the same old, same old. We’re living at a moment when there’s an abundance of warm wintery drinks that can add some spice—literal or figurative—to your life. Allow us to share a few of our favorites for you to whip up at home.

  1. There are few things prettier than a pink latte that mixes beetroot powder (easily ordered from Amazon), ginger, and warm, foamy milk.
  2. Keeping in a pastel state of mind, how about a lavender latte? It’s made with instant coffee, milk, and lavender flowers (again, Jeff Bezos and company will get you some) for a smell and taste that will have you dreaming of the south of France.
  3. Turmeric or golden Lattes are going strong at cafes across America. Turmeric is known to be a terrific anti-inflammatory and antioxidant—which most of us could all benefit from. You can make your own  at home if you raid your spice rack, and here’s a vegan recipe we love.
  4. It wouldn’t be fair for us not to mention matcha lattes while we’re on this topic. These are a pretty, pale green blend of matcha powder, hot water, milk, and honey—it may not sound like much, but swirled together in a mug, this is heavenly! Here’s a recipe that over 4,000 people have given five stars.
  5. Have you ever heard of fire cider tonic? It’s reputed to be an immunity booster—and with ingredients like horseradish, ginger, chiles, apple cider vinegar, and honey, it helps clear your head.  Just know in advance that it’s supposed to sit and marinate for a full month before you drink it—so get going now for a very special February sip. And don’t try slurping a whole mug-full. Just one tablespoon added to a cup of hot water is the way to go.
  6. Maybe you’ve had a London fog latte at a café … these are a yummy, creamy combo of Earl Grey tea, warm milk, and some sweetness. They’re easily whipped up at home with a recipe like this one.
  7. Make it maple. Break routine with a splash of maple syrup (here’s a version to try). It feels winter-wonderland-perfect and worlds’ away from your usual brew.
By Janet Siroto


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