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Look at These Fascinating Women Who Have Big Birthdays in February

Some of our favorite actors are reaching milestone birthdays this month. Here we raise a big hurrah for them and welcome two to this rewarding, productive time of life.

Morgan Fairchild, 70 years old, Feb. 3rd

celebrity birthdays in February

If you’re like us we can’t think of Morgan Fairchild, without hearing her name pronounced in the smarmy voice of Jon Lovitz in his Saturday Night Live skit, The Pathological Liar. He boasted Fairchild was his wife, her beauty making the lie comically obvious. Fairchild is much more than a famous punch line. She has starred in many TV shows, and was nominated for an Emmy for a guest appearance on Murphy Brown. She was Sandra Bernhardt’s lesbian lover on the series Roseanne. But behind the scenes, she has served as a board member for the Screen Actors Guild, and has long been active raising money and awareness for AIDS-related issues and environmental protection. Happy day, Morgan.

Mia Farrow, 75 years old, Feb. 9th

celebrity birthdays in February

What an acting career Mia Farrow has had, starring in so many memorable films–from Rosemary’s Baby to Hannah and Her Sisters. But her acting has almost been overshadowed by her offscreen pursuits. A fierce proponent of children, she has served as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, and adopted TK children, in addition to having three biological kids (including star investigative reporter Ronan Farrow). She’s been married to two high-profile men, Frank Sinatra and violinist Andre Previn, but she’s most remembered for her 12-year partnership with Woody Allen, which ended when Allen was found to be having an affair with Farrow’s adopted daughter. If that weren’t creepy and incendiary enough, Farrow and her adopted daughter Dylan claimed that Allen sexually abused Dylan when she was seven. Allen has repeatedly denied the charge. But Farrow’s efforts have led to a reassessment of Allen’s career, fueled by the #MeToo movement. That’s what comes from steely persistence.

Cybill Shepherd, 70 years old, Feb. 18th

We can’t decide which Cybill Shepherd is most memorable: The gorgeous and manipulative object of desire in The Last Picture Show, or the wise-cracking foil for Bruce Willis in the TV show Moonlight, or the effusive, no-bullshit rancoteur in her memoir, Cybill Disobedience (co-authored by NextTribe writer Aimee Lee Ball). OK, we’ve decided. We choose Cybill Shepherd as a multi-layered role model for Aging Boldly who can be both fierce (her political activism for gay and abortion rights) and impish (wearing tennis shoes with a gown to a glamorous award show). Have a great one Cybill!

Welcome to the Club Drew and Chelsea

celebrity birthdays in February

celebrity birthdays in February

We always tell younger women that if they’re lucky someday they’ll be able to join NextTribe. (Think about it!) So February 22nd and February 25th are lucky days for Drew Barrymore and Chelsea Handler, respectively. That’s when they each turn the magic (in our eyes) age of 45. Yes, this is the average age of perimenopause in the U.S., but it’s also the age that wisdom starts to gel and in so many ways real life actually begins. So Happy Birthday to both you newcomers, and may you make the most of your NextTribe years.

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