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The Terminator Reboot: She’s Ba-ack!

Linda Hamilton's New Movie: She's Baaaack in the Terminator Reboot | NextTribe

It won’t arrive in your local movie theater till November 2019, but everyone’s favorite sci-fi screamfest, The Terminator, is reloading. Linda Hamilton – whose biceps inspired a million gym memberships back in the day – returns as Sarah Connor.

Here’s a quick refresher course: The plot of the 1984 original revolved around Sarah needing to fight off – let’s take a deep breath here – a time-traveling android killing machine (played by a nightmarishly menacing Arnold Schwarzenegger) who came from tomorrow to, well, terminate her. The reason why? Her as-yet unborn son is going to lead a resistance to an evil AI overlord when all hell breaks loose in the future.

But more importantly to us, Hamilton’s role as this fierce protagonist was a tipping point for movies as she created a character that’s the very definition of badass. We love that she’s reprising this role at age 61 and showing audiences just how tough and buff Boomer women can be.

Janet Siroto


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