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Spreading the Love: Check Out Our Member Holiday Gift Ideas

OK, we know that Amazon is easy and that J. Crew and Target are offering unbelievable deals right now. But do you really want to put your money in the pockets of some corporate muckety-mucks who already have more than they need? Why not make your dollars give twice as much this season? You can give to the person on your list and to a woman who is making her way with her own business. Double the cheer, and who doesn’t need more cheer right now?

We’ve known from the start that many of our members are talented and all are interesting. (How can you not be having made it to this age?) But we become even more aware of this every  holiday season when we see the products and services our members have to offer.

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Gifts for Women Our Age

On this list are member-written books, gorgeous and clever jewelry pieces, aromatherapy and beauty products, and a host of services for the woman who has little need for material items but is craving ways to bring more meaning or joy into her life.

We hope we didn’t miss anyone here, but if we did, make sure to become a member so you can be part of  next year’s list. This is one of the perks of NextTribe membership because we really believe there’s nothing that reflects the holiday spirit more beautifully than women supporting women.

Oh, and if you want a sure-to-please present, how about our NextTribe gift card that your pal can use toward that long-dreamed-about vacation.

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