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Cosmetic Procedures? You Said No-Nonsense, No Judgment


The knife? Injections? Or what? That’s what we wanted to know when we ran our survey a few weeks ago: Where you drew the line on cosmetic procedures?

The largest group of you—23 percent—said you were just planning to stay natural and avoid both non-invasive treatments, such as Botox and fillers, and cosmetic surgery.

“I try to eat right and not put bad stuff in my body. Why in the world would I put a known toxin (Botox) in my body?” a 57-year-old reader asked. “Never.”

However 16 percent disagreed with her and would opt for injections to smooth out wrinkly foreheads and the like, and only 11 percent said they’d go for a face lift or eye lift or anything surgical.

Many women wrote that the main thing holding them back from surgery is the cost. “If I win the lottery, it’s on my wish list,” a 60-year-old respondent reported. “Until then, I do my best with makeup and attitude.”

Others are worried about unfavorable results. “I’m a little turned off by the people I’ve seen who’ve had things done—so obvious,” commented one reader. “The frozen foreheads, the bee stung lips. And so many Hollywood faces ruined: Faye Dunaway, Meg Ryan, Jennifer Gray. If this is the best money can buy, what the hell would they do to me?”

Nevertheless it’s clear we’re an open-minded, tolerant lot. You overwhelmingly said you don’t judge those who take stronger steps. “The goal is not to look `younger’ per se, but to look like a glowing happy person at your age,” said a wise 55-year-old. “Everyone decides for themselves what that looks like.”

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