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5 to Follow: Best Midlife Beauty Videos

NextTribe Best Midlife Beauty Videos

When was the last time you got excited about playing with makeup? Some of us here at NextTribe realized it was a couple, wait! – a few decades ago. If you’re feeling the same way, let us give you some inspiration and guidance tailored for where we are right now.  We’re sharing five great Youtube videos that’ll teach you new techniques and feature products you may want to give a whirl.

While we’re not crazy about the emphasis many uploads place on “looking younger” versus “looking your best,” we think the results are ab fab:

  1. Awesome Over 50’s “Do’s and Don’ts for Hooded, Downturned and Mature Eyes” presents an ’80s model showing you her best tips and tricks for spotlighting her eyes. It’s gotten over half a million views and counting for good reason.
  2. Come into actress Monique Parent’s bathroom and watch “From Drab To Fab – Start To Finish Glamour For The Mature Face” – her attitude is as engaging as the gorgeous results.
  3. Angie’s Youtube channel HotandFlashy is a favorite of ours, and her video test-driving under-eye concealers (soooo tricky to find a good one as we age) is definitely worth a watch.
  4. For women of color, here’s a pretty daytime look on a model in her 50s…gorgeous!
  5. Watch a professional makeup artist at work: LA-based Matias makes up a 60-plus woman, sharing his favorite tools and products. Note to self: Got to try that primer he recommends – wow!

 –Janet Siroto





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Thanks for mentioning my channel in your post! Love your quote “Act Boldly” Works for any age. LOVE IT!!!

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