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Take Charge of Your Relationship…With Your Car

Next Tribe women car maintenance

Feeling powerless when it comes to keeping your car up and running? Suspicious that your mechanic’s bill is padded with unnecessary, overpriced repairs? Turns out, you’re not being paranoid and you’re not alone. A study by researchers at Northwestern University found that women are often charged more than men when they don’t know what to ask about car repairs. And our intuition says it’s even worse for us “women of a certain age.”

That’s why you’ll want to get to know Patrice Banks. She’s a former engineer who got fed up with the situation, decided to become a mechanic herself, and later launched the Girls Auto Clinic, an all-female-operated garage in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, offering “sheCANic workshops to help women improve their relationship with their cars.

No worries if you can’t make it to Upper Darby. Banks recently published the Girls Auto Clinic Glove Box Guide, written in a conversational tone, with delightfully intelligible illustrations. It is a reassuring and easy-to-follow guide to the ins and outs of car care, even for the biggest auto ingenues among us. Beyond being a smart guide to the basics, it has wise advice on what not to tackle yourself and how to work with a mechanic.

Okay, ladies, start your engines!

Densie Webb


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