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Staying with “Friends” on the Road: Go Freebird!

Next Tribe mature travel with Freebird Club


If you’re like many of us NextTribers, traveling is high on your list of things to do in the year ahead. And if you’re like us, you are also a fan of, or at least curious about, Airbnb and other ways to have a more authentic experience while globe-trotting (or just exploring the other side of your state).

That’s why we love the Freebird Club, which is a new service for people over 50 who are looking for local flavor while on the road. It matches people in our demographic with hosts our age who can help us make the most of our travels. We know we’re staying with someone who gets our lifestage and our likes and dislikes. (Not that we don’t love kids, but maybe we aren’t at the moment in life where we want to bunk in a house with toddlers.)

You pay a small fee (about $30) to join, answer some q’s about yourself, and get verified. Then you can start matching with potential hosts…or sign up to be one. The company is based in the UK, so there is a gamut of European options, as well as ones in Asia, Australia and everywhere else.

(Even San Miguel de Allende, where NextTribe recently had its fab trip, has rentals available.) We saw rooms from sweet $30/night bedrooms to $200/night accommodations in grand old mansions. Check out the details at www.thefreebirdclub.com

Janet Siroto


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