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Do You Have the Travel Bug? Tell Us About It

At the start of Travel Month here at NextTribe, we want to hear from you about how you travel and where you're jonesing to go next. Maybe we can take you there. Please answer our short survey.

Naturally, we’re excited about the holidays right now. But you know what really excites us at this time of year? Opening a calendar for 2020 and looking at all the empty blocks representing days and weeks that are just waiting to be filled in with adventures. Trips to visit new cities or old friends. Day jaunts to a winery in the countryside or longer excursions to places that require a passport.

The promise of travel makes us at NextTribe feel truly alive, connected to the larger world. There’s so much to learn, see, do, experience. And if you’re like us, this seems like the best time of our lives to embrace it all.

We know from meeting so many of you in person (on trips and at events) and reading your comments and feedback that one of the things uniting NextTribers is that we’re all still explorers. We’re still game and curious. And we absolutely LOVE that about you.

Travel has been part of NextTribe’s mission from the beginning. We offer several trips a year–just for women like you. Even women who travel alone on our trips quickly make new and deep friendships, since we are after all a self-selected group of adventurers. We still have a few slots for our Yoga and Writing Beach Retreat Feb. 29th-March 7th.

Stay tuned for details on our annual spring trip to Charleston, SC, April 17-20th, and a new trip we’re planning to Santa Fe, NM, Sept. 12-15th.

In the meantime, we want to know more about how you travel, and where you’re jonesing to go next.

If you don’t see a survey below, please click this link to go to the survey page.

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