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Having Trouble Picking Out a Good Wine? There’s an App for That!

Picking whites, roses and reds is easier—and more fun—thanks to tech. Cheers!

Lately, when dining out with friends, I’ve noticed they do a whole lot of cell-phone handling while perusing the menu. I thought they were just using the flashlight function to see the ever more faint and teeny type on the menu, but apparently not! Everyone—and her sister—seems to be loving all the wine-choosing apps out there. Here’s a rundown of some of the most popular ones that can help you select and keep track of the vintages, whether you are out at a restaurant or simply scanning the shelves of your local wine shop.

Our Favorite Wine Apps

The ones below are free to download. We’ll raise a glass to that!

Delectable (IoS, Android) gets a thumbs-up (or is that bottom’s up?) from many smart wine connoisseurs and curious folk who haven’t gone all-in on training their palates. Delectable lets you snap photos of a wine label and see what has been said about it, as well as keep your own journal, adding your impressions and rating once you’ve sipped it. It also shares what notable sommeliers are loving, giving you inspiration for some new vintages to try.

Hello Vino (IoS, Android) is a great tool for matching wine with food: you enter some key ingredients and it serves up ideas. It also lets you capture and save wines you’ve tried and your impressions of them for future reference. In addition, Hello Vino offers recommendations based on what patterns it sees in your sipping.

Vivino (IoS, Android) Scan the label of a bottle on Vivino, and, wow, are you ever in for an education. This app delivers ratings, tasting notes, comparisons to other similar vintages, where-to-buy info—even which kind of grapes were used. This major player in the marketplace (30+ million downloads) also includes food pairings—nice!

By Janet Siroto


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