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This Smoothie Bowl Recipe Is Instagram-Worthy and Super Healthy

If you're looking for the prettiest smoothie bowl on the planet, look no further.

We love pretty food, yummy food, and healthy food. It’s not every day that you find all of those things in one delicious dish, but this new smoothie bowl is just that.

The Ocean Bowl is the latest creation from The End, an ultra-cool Brooklyn-based café that claims to have invented the Unicorn Latte before Starbucks sugarized and corrupted it. The Ocean Bowl is a nutritious smoothie bowl for brekkie and beyond, and it looks like a bit of the sea. So, bonus: It’s great for blowing up your Insta feed, too.

The End’s co-owners, Madeleine Murphy and Bret Caretsky, concocted this delish dish with Spirulina and kelp, ingredients mined from the deep blue, tumbled in a coconut yogurt base that sort of resembles frothy ocean foam. The “wow” ingredient, according to Murphy, is butterfly pea powder, which comes from a plant and changes from shades of blue to purple. Available at your health-food store or online, the pea powder is what foodies depend on to turn dishes blue without artificial ingredients, and it’s also reputed to lift your mood and boost collagen (yes, please!).

The Ocean Bowl gets garnished with blueberries and crumbled granola (read: beach sand), and is a fab A.M. alternative to your standard shredded wheat. Try it, and you may swear you hear waves lapping at the tip of your spoon.

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The End’s Ocean Bowl


1 cup coconut yogurt
1 1/2 cups blueberry
1/2 cup Paleo granola, ground up if possible
1 tsp butterfly pea flower powder
1/2 tsp e3 Live blue majik
1/2 tsp spirulina
1/8 cup golden flax crumble
1/2 tsp kelp flakes
1/4 tsp sprinkles (optional)


1. Scoop coconut yogurt into bowl. Blend in butterfly pea flower powder, e3 live blue majik powder and spirulina.

2. Top with blueberries and granola.

3. Sprinkle golden flax crumble, kelp flakes and sprinkles.

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A version of this article was originally published in October 2017.

By Kimberly Cihlar


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