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Juicy New Series Alert: Here Comes Mrs. Fletcher

Need something gooood to watch? HBO's Mrs. Fletcher, with Kathryn Hahn, promises to be just that. We can't wait, how about you?

OK, we’ll admit it: We haven’t seen a full episode of HBO’s Mrs. Fletcher yet, but from the trailer, it sure looks addictive. Debuting at 10:30 p.m. on October 27th, it’s got the following things going for it:

      • It’s about women our age. The show shares the story of a woman in her late 40s whose son is leaving for college. A single mother, Eve is now alone to contemplate midlife—and reimagine how she wants to live it. A sexual reawakening is in the cards, and the storyline focuses on how social media and porn impact life today—both for Mrs. Fletcher, herself, and for her son as he navigates college at this #MeToo moment.

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      • It’s based on a best-selling novel written by the amazingly accomplished Tom Perrotta (also the author of Election, Little Children, and The Leftovers) in 2017. NPR called the book “raunchy, hilarious and unexpectedly sweet … it’s a stunning and audacious book, and Perrotta never lets his characters take the easy way out. Uncompromisingly obscene but somehow still kind-hearted, Mrs. Fletcher is one for the ages.” And it’s coming to you on HBO, the network behind many of our favorite shows over the years, from Sex and the City to Big Little Lies.
      • It’s got an ace team behind. In addition to author Perrotta working on the project, the Oscar-nominee Nicole Holofcener—whose work includes Can You Ever Forgive Me? and Friends with Money—directed the pilot. And in the starring role as Eve Fletcher is Kathryn Hahn, who earned an Emmy nomination for her work on Transparent and who has been in such films as Revolutionary Road, This Is Where I Leave You, Bad Moms, and Captain Fantastic.

We’re setting our alerts to be in front of the small screen on the 27th. How about you?

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By Janet Siroto


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