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Politics from Another Perspective: A Meditation on Healing, Balance, and Trust

This week, Simran Singh, a poet and life mentor, ended our NextTribe panel discussion on bridging the political divide with these compassionate, enlightening words.

This year’s election process revealed the building anxiety, fear and frustration within our country. At times, that erupted into dense waves of grief, anger, apathy, and violence. Friends became unfriended. Families were at odds. Our children became more afraid. Each day appeared to amplify separation, conflict, and divisiveness. Our political process and country, in the midst of chaos, was hanging in “the balance.”

Although the country appears divided on an election map, look again. The election results reflect balance.

The way I see it, chaos is a harbinger of new birth. Worlds upon worlds were created out of the Big-Bang. That turned into an extraordinary and majestic universe. Why wouldn’t creation enact the same creative birth through our collective process? I see the world as it is, but I also know that the world speaks to us through signs, symbols, and synchronicity. This is not the typical point of view expressed in the three-dimensional world of politics, but perhaps it is time to insert some light, love, and unity, as a healing balm, upon a very deep wound.

Put aside your identity and political position, for a moment. This conversation requires rising above the issues and awakening a larger perspective. It also means diving below the issues, feeling into the emotion and shadows that are asking to be seen, heard and acknowledged. In doing so, perhaps the mind will be broadened, and the heart can be opened; so that a bridge of oneness can form.

Let us look at the present moment from a perspective of neutrality and energy. Everything is energy. Something bigger than political parties or issues is playing out. Although the country appears divided on an election map, look again. The election results reflect balance. We are in a process of balancing, not only within the 2020 election; this was occurring during 2016’s election. We are yin and yang; red and blue. Biden is our healing. Trump, equally, has been our healing.

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Trump, Biden, and Equilibrium

President Trump is #45. which is a 9 in numerology (4 + 5 = 9). The year he was elected was 2016, also a 9 (2 + 0 + 1 + 6  9). The number is symbolic of endings, tough love, spiritual awakening, and karma. The 2016 election illustrated masculine against feminine and subsequently loss of the feminine. Trump’s tenure catalyzed the rise of our country’s shadowy undercurrent and repressed wounds. This brought focus to many issues: Me Too, racism, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, right to life, LGBTQ, women’s issues, truth versus lies, etc. All of these issues held hidden pain that needed to surface, which is necessary in the healing process.

President Biden is #46, which is a 10 or 1 in numerology. 10 signifies endings; 1 is symbolic of new beginnings, foundations, morals, values, and integrity. 0 represents starting over; the balance of alpha and omega, or masculine and feminine. President-elect Biden chose a woman, Kamala Harris as his leadership counterpart. This illustrated masculine aligning with feminine, which is a shift into balancing prior-oppressed feminine energy.

The country is the body, and each one of us are a cell within it. By being divisive or separate, we are only attacking ourselves.

The Senate and House of Representatives represent the two sides of the brain, our governing faculty. These two must partner as one mind for balance and alignment to occur. The right brain is designed to be intuitive and feminine, feeling into what is being called for from the body. The left brain is logical and masculine, designed to implement what will support the body.

The country is the body, and each one of us are a cell within it. By being divisive or separate, we are only attacking ourselves. This creates dis-ease. Through unity, we can restore the health and soul of our nation. This means coming together, cell communicating with cell, and both brains operating in tandem.

The Bigger Picture

Simran Singh speaking at our Women Lead the Healing panel discussion.

Life is not about men or women, red or blue, you or me. Life holds a bigger picture that will outlast all of us. Energy is equilibrating, rebalancing what went awry through historical interference, polarity, and division. Everything is energy. Nature is in charge, balancing masculine and feminine energies of creation.

Life’s biological intelligence brought Covid-19 (Coronavirus) to support our healing. “Corona” means crown, head, or mind. Our minds are infected with fear, separation, and division. Our inner houses are at odds. Mother Nature sent us inside to reflect on who we have become.

Masks are a blatant symbol of the invisible masks we wear with one another. They are also a sign that we must be quiet and listen. We are being guided home, into the body; to feel, intuit, and understand. Covid-19 affects the lungs, which relates to unconsciously holding deep grief. Loss of taste and smell are representative of losing common sense–and our intuitive faculties. Our natural instincts are compromised.

Covid-19 came to have us reconnect to ourselves, and each other. It is exposing the face of separation and disconnection. It is asking us to feel our emotions and empathy. This is what healing looks like. Healing often appears opposite of what we think.

Healing Politics 2020

We are the healing. Creating resistance, interference, and fighting life’s transitions only makes things more painful. Finding neutrality will heal the soul of our nation. Attaining a neutral mind, regarding those who think differently, will assist in regaining balance. Feeling what rises emotionally, and doing the inner work to become neutral, is how we each can offer healing.

The way I see it, chaos is a harbinger of new birth.

We are conduits of transformation. The choice to engage right thought, right word, and right action lay before us. We can clear the stagnant energy and emotional debris that exist by being present and listening. We can unite and work together, if we get out of our heads and move back into our hearts. We must let life have a chance to balance our messes.

Trust in life’s plan. Alchemy is present. Patriotism rose. More people voted than ever before. Feminine energy is now being recognized as equal in position and power. We live in a democracy where every voice counts. Let’s revel in that. Let us focus our conversations there. Let unity become the meditation–and our vision.

Being the cure, instead of the virus, means that each of us engage in:

  • Reestablishing trust with self and the other
  • Healing relationship divides
  • Reclaiming expressions of our Higher selves
  • Anchoring into compassion and kindness
  • Listening
  • Holding higher perspectives
  • Realizing that reality is created through our thoughts, words, actions, and energy
  • Seeing others as capable

Let us partner with life. Through individual mastery, we strengthen our nation. By disciplining focus and vision, engaging connection and communication, and uniting through the generosity of spirit we create a better world for our children, and children’s children. Rise above the fray, while also standing with grace in what you believe. Hold a vision for the highest good of our nation, so that we find common ground in what truly matter–humanity. It takes a village to raise a nation. Will we be that village?

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Simran is an author, artist, poet, and life mentor who advocates for higher consciousness, love, compassion, and humanity. She is the #1 rated, archived syndicated host of Voice America’s 11:11 Talk Radio and publisher of Nautilus Award-winning 11:11 Magazine. Find out more at www.iamsimran.com or www.1111mag.com


By Simran Singh


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