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GreenLight Women: Helping Females Over 40 Get Ahead in Hollywood

Here’s how females are rising in the film industry, thanks to a cool networking club.

When NextTribe hosted its sold-out “Out Loud” event in Los Angeles recently, we were thrilled to donate a portion of the profits to GreenLight Women. Why? Because it’s a fantastic alliance of accomplished creative and business professionals age 40 and over. These bad asses have united to “champion women and promote diverse perspectives in media” in a town and industry that has long been obsessed with one particular vision of female life—all too often about being young, white, straight, and sexy.

More than 20 women in Hollywood founded the nonprofit, and now it works in an array of amazing ways. It shines a spotlight on professional networking and support as successful, often award-winning entertainment professionals gather and share their expertise with others. Specifically, they mentor those in need of guidance in such realms as career transition, peer-to-peer teamwork, and script consultation. As their website puts it, “Imagine women at the top of the ladder empowering each other and then giving a hand up to those who follow.” And, we’d add, then imagine the impact on the media created if these are the women calling the shots!

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Strength in Numbers

The members are those who are actively working in the film, television, digital, media, and/or entertainment businesses and have 10-plus years of experience. Once part of the organization, women can participate in a variety of programs, from film screenings to action groups that are focused on such topics as connections, diversity, and fundraising. The website also keeps members updated on notable women in the news—from the winner of the organization’s own Film Completion Grant to Emma Thompson’s latest interview about the big shock she got when she turned 60.

We love how these women are connecting and supporting one another at midlife in a town that was built on the image of endlessly youthful females.

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By Janet Siroto


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